Local coffee shops provide casually creative coffee

It may come as no surprise to anyone that Nacogdoches is a small town. When I moved here to attend SFA, everything from my big city lifestyle was forced to change. However, one thing that remained the same is my love for coffee. After trying coffee from some of the most casual and creative local coffee spots Nacogdoches has to offer, here are my thoughts on each location’s regular coffee and the cashier's drink of choice.

Thumpers: Grab some of your closest friends because this place is not one to experience alone. Everything from their different kinds of furniture, customer service and bathroom memes blew me away. Their regular coffee is a solid choice for someone who feels the need to satisfy a coffee craving. It has a slight bitter taste with sweet undertones. However, their chai tea spiced latte stole the show. Scents of pumpkin immediately come through when you take a sip, followed by a light milky flavor.

Java Jacks: This unique, two story shop provides a friendly, relaxing atmosphere. Their coffee is sweet with sprinkled hints of honey throughout. As a guy who loves his sugar and cream, I was able to happily drink it without anything added in.

The cashier's drink of choice was a cappuccino with cinnamon and honey. For those who love the flavor of cinnamon, this cappuccino provides sweet and simple notes perfect for any day.

University Coffee: With multiple rooms dedicated to individual or group work, the shop name does not lie. University Coffee provides the best study atmosphere for students to get coffee and work on endless piles of homework. When it came to their coffee, University Coffee’s regular brew was the least strong compared to the other shops. While I would not recommend it as their best option, their plethora of specialty items are worth a try.

The cashier's drink of choice was a dirty chai tea latte. I will admit it was not as good as Thumpers latte, but it was a close second. Overall, the latte was smooth, simple and relaxing.

Nine Flags: Compared to the rest, Nine Flags is the smallest location. There is not much room for mingling or exploring, but their prices are the most college friendly and their coffee is one you do not want to miss.

Nine Flags features blends from nine different countries that give bold and acidic flavors to bright and fruity ones. The beans from Mexico were my personal favorite, as they provide a nice middle ground coffee taste. With a refillable mug that costs just under four dollars, you can drink all the coffee you want.

The cashier's drink of choice was a toasted marshmallow latte. If you could picture a s’more that really wanted to be a drink, this was it. It tastes exactly like the name implies, and I could not have been happier.

While being a college student can be stressful, wondering how you will find your next cup of coffee should not be something to add to your stress. With so many wonderful local places to try, I encourage you to get out of your comfort zone and try one.

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