Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, students are told to stay six feet apart when interaction is necessary, while also limiting these interactions. For this school year, clubs are having to accommodate for this by using various streaming sites to hold events and reach out to new and current members.

Dancers Against Cancer will have recruitment week starting Aug. 31. They will be selling T-shirts in the Student Center while wearing gloves, masks and maintaining the six-feet distance. DAC will be holding interest meetings on Sept. 2 and Sept. 4 via Zoom. The group will also be holding interviews after recruitment week and plan to participate in the involvement fair.

“This virtual reality is especially hard on us to conduct fundraisers since we heavily rely on our benefit show and in-person fundraisers,” DAC Vice President Abby Moher, a sophomore majoring in communication disorders from Longview, said. “Although, throughout all of this, it has given our leadership team a chance to work together and bond.”

They will host Zoom meetings on Saturdays in place of team practices and hosting weekly dances with 10 dancers, including the choreographer. DAC will have their benefit show in November at 50% capacity. Dancers will be required to sanitize their hands and wear masks during this event.

Talking Hands will also be holding their first virtual meeting on Sep. 8. They plan on selling T-shirts in September on campus with COVID regulations being put into place. The group will meet virtually every Thursdays at 5 p.m. and are giving the option for people to attend future events via Zoom.

“The switch has been surprisingly easy,” Cassandra Smith, a senior hard of hearing education major from Houston, said. “I think as long as we, as officers, are on the same page and keeping up with our members and each other consistently, the organization can succeed virtually.”

The Student Activities Association will hold new member interviews, a virtual cooking class and a music night, all in September. Most events will be virtual; but, those in person will include masks, social distancing, a check-in table to track who comes to the events and proper enter and exit measures.

“We want to provide entertainment and enlightening events while keeping students safe,” Brendan Lardie, the Marketing Coordinator for SAA and a junior sound recording major, said.

The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People hosted a Bingo game night on Aug. 25, via Twitter live. Their general body meeting will be on Sept. 8. They will plan virtual events and meetings, along with any in-person events and fundraisers with the required guidelines to keep students safe.

“The switch has definitely had it’s challenging moments and has made changes to many plans this year,” Jetoi Mull, a sophomore nursing major from Texas City, said. “We have been able to work through them and have still come up with some really good things for the semester.”

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