On Oct. 14, I went to watch the School of Theatre’s production of Bootcandy by Robert O’Hara. The play is known for being wild, but the cast and crew exceeded expectations. 

At first glance, I believed that the play would be simply about Robert O’Hara’s life. I expected it to be funny, but what I got was far more than humor. Not only was the show funny, but it was a roller coaster of emotions in general. I laughed, I cried, and then I laughed again.  

The actors were probably the best part of the show. It was amazing watching them interpret the show in their own way. I had to read the script for a class, and I noticed that certain things were changed. For example, in the scene called the ceremony there was a minor adjustment that had the audience rolling. One of the characters' names was altered by another character, so that their character would replace her name with random words. It got to the point where instead of being called by her name, she was being called Empanada and Enchilada 

Along with being funny, Bootycandy also brought light on things that we as a society don’t often talk about. Racism was a minor thing in Bootycandy, but it was a topic that moved me. It brought light to how we expect African American artists to produce content only about African Americans. It also shed light on the fact that not only women and straight people are sexually assaulted.  

Bootycandy overall was a great watch experience. I don’t recommend watching it if you’re easily triggered by sexual assault, sexual innuendos, sexual talk or suicide. But if you have the stomach, definitely watch it. Even if it’s not at SFA, watch it. Read it.  

SFA ends its performance of Bootycandy Oct. 16, with the show being at 7:30 every night. Go see it while you can.  

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