The SFA School of Theatre will be performing Rideshare/Overshare by Ian McWethy and Carrie McCrossen in the Kennedy Auditorium on November 10-14 at 7:30 p.m. The show is directed by Angela Bacarisse and is the final mainstage performance of the Fall 2020 semester.

The show is a comedy about Mike, played by Benjamin McElroy, junior from Frisco, and Elaine, played by junior New Braunfels- native Kelsey Lesseig and Alexis Hargy.

Mike and Elaine meet on a dating app, and are trying to meet up at a diner, but each find themselves with Uber drivers ranging from thieves, rappers, and many more interesting characters that get in the way of their arrangement. Each driver has a unique personality that tells their own individual story on each ride. The show is a collection of these stories that fit together under the central theme of trying to get to the date on time.

“It was great, it was a wonderful experience,” McElroy said. “I loved working with all the cast members and the director. It’s something that’s so fun and refreshing after being in quarantine and not being able to act.”

McElroy is a transfer student, new to SFA this year. This play was his first show with the SFA production. However, his co-star, Lesseig has been in two previous mainstage plays with SFA, making Rideshare/Overshare her third.

 “Getting to hear everybody land their jokes for the first few times has been so awesome, and watching people figure out what works for their characters and seeing that spark has been great,” Lesseig said.

The stage is set with two cars that take on different characteristics depending on who is Mike or Elaine’s new uber driver, and all the actors are wearing masks.

“I really like how we added the masks to our show,” Lesseig said. “It really kept us from limiting ourselves as far as blocking and trying new things. Yes, it hinders our facial acting; but the eyes are the most expressive part of the face, and it lets us really accentuate that.”

However, masks aren’t the only part of the show affected by COVID-19 regulations.

 “Because we’re livestreaming it, we don’t have the right to use the music I picked out for the show,” Bacarisse said. “So, a student, Mia Mallory, and faculty member, Carolyn Conn, both created music for the show, so we could put it up on YouTube without breaking any copyright laws.”

Bacarisse implemented an understudy program into the show to work around any possible complications of actors getting sick or dropping out. Because of this, some of the roles on Thursday, including the role of Elaine, will be given to different actors.

“Three days into rehearsal, one of my actors got quarantined,” Bacarisse said. “A week later another actor got quarantined; and towards the end another student got strep throat, but we had a plan. The students worked so hard on their understudy roles.”

Despite any complications during the rehearsal process, all the actors, crew and stage managers are now cleared to perform without the risk of spreading any infections.

 Rideshare/Overshare is currently selling tickets for socially distanced viewing and livestream access.

More information about ticket sales and SFA’s School of Theatre can be found on their website.

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