Campus dancer aims to help students cure anxiety

Taking a leap, Marcus Lucas demonstrates his dance moves.

College is a common time when people begin to learn more about themselves and their ideas of self-expression. For one young man, self- expression came easy; and, although he is not a college student, he still shows up on

campus often to encourage others to embrace their true selves and to bring a smile to the faces who see him.

Marcus Lucas is a 23-year- old dancer from Douglass. He began dancing with his brothers and it soon became an outlet for his energy and personality.

“As a person, I really [don’t] say much because it gives me anxiety to talk about myself,” Lucas said. “I try to be outgoing for my family or anyone I have a deep respect for. My personality [however] is a wild card of random enjoyment. Then, it leads me to dancing, flipping and free running.”

According to Lucas, some people consider him to be a “walking meme” due to his speech pattern and the way he responds to some things.

“Sometimes I pause, stutter or speak as fast as Eminem when he raps when I get excited,” Lucas said. “That’s what I’ve been told. [But] I channel my energy by keeping my diet strict and meditation constant. Those are my building blocks.”

Lucas goes on to explain how these building blocks aid him with his dancing as well.

“They keep me feeling right and always thinking [about] what needs to be created or what needs to be worked on,” Lucas said.

As for why Lucas chose to begin dancing on SFA campus, he explains that it was a way to get past the anxiety he had while growing up.

“Growing up I had extreme anxiety that blackened my heart of any social outgoing,” Lucas said. “For the past five years I’ve made a step towards changing who I was. I generally felt stage fright so I [thought,] ‘What better way to start beating my fear [than just] putting myself out there?’”

Lucas explained that although this method worked for him, it may not help others in the same situation.

“My anxiety has been helped by other variables, but for the most part [dancing] has been helping me,” said Lucas.

Although he believes that his methods may not work for others, he still encourages people who are looking into doing similar things as he is.

“[I think they should] be open to new things and give a chance to new habits and

approaches to [their] daily schedule,” Lucas said. “Be a person that is okay with change. [I think] that’s where we learn the most as people.”

As for Lucas, he wants people to understand the truest intent on why he dances.

“I have now put my anxiety to a controllable level,” Lucas said. “I love to entertain and inspire. If 1,000 people walk by me with bad attitudes and I can get one to smile, I have done my job.”

Lucas does his best to be a positive image for others and continues to work on himself and his dances.

“I want [people] to feel comfort and to just be genuinely happy,” Lucas said. “I seriously want an attitude that is so strong [that it] is contagious, so others can feel the way I do about life. I want people to be strong in their dreams and to never give up.”

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