REVIEW: New show from maker of ‘The Simpsons’ showcases dark humor

The Netflix original “Disenchantment” follows the life of Princess Bean and her comrades Elfo and Luci.

“Disenchantment” is a new show on Netflix created by Matt Groening, who is best known for shows “The Simpsons” and “Futurama.” The show is almost parody- like about the fantasy genre with the same familiar humor we all know from “The Simpsons.”

“Disenchantment” follows 19-year-old princess of Dreamland, Tiabeanie (Bean for short) along with her friends, a demon named Luci and an elf named Elfo. The show was released on Aug. 17 and has only one season so far.

After watching the trailer, I was slightly interested in the show, partly because I do enjoy watching “The Simpsons.” Before I get into it, I will warn you to read with caution as there will be spoilers ahead.

The show starts off with Bean in an arranged marriage to a prince she has never met so as to unite the two kingdoms. Bean doesn’t act how a princess should and instead is a party girl who doesn’t want the life of a princess, so she tries to hold off the wedding as long as possible.

She meets Luci when she opens a wedding gift, and he is at her side as the “voice” in her head that persuades her to make bad decisions. Elfo comes along after leaving his home Elfwood and tries to be his own person outside of the elf norm. The three then find themselves in situations that get them in trouble as well as the king, Zøg, keeping Elfo for his blood, since it is believed elf blood will grant eternal life and can be used for “The Elixir Of Life.”

This is how the majority of the season plays out, and it’s not until the last three episodes when the plot gets in depth and more intense. The series ends in a cliffhanger as well as having an end-credit scene implying there will be a season two.

Overall, the plot of the story was okay and didn’t pick up until the last three episodes. From the trailer it seemed like the whole season would be about Bean trying to prove she isn’t just some princess who will be okay with being married off for the good of the kingdom. But after watching the show, it was a cycle of her, Luci and Elfo drinking/ partying, getting in trouble and trying to get out of it.

However, there were some funny references and were quick if you weren’t paying attention. I did enjoy the show just as an easy, passing- the-time-while-I-eat-lunch kind of show. I wouldn’t mind watching the next season just to see where the story will go and what will happen to Bean.

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