Review: Show shines light on important issues in new season

The second season of “On My Block” came out Friday after leaving off on a big cliffhanger in the last episode of season one.

“On My Block” is about four friends, Ruby, Monse, Cesar and Jamal, who all live in a neighborhood called Freeridge, which is filled with gang violence from the Santos and the Prophet$. In

season one, Cesar joined the Santos and was supposed to kill someone from the Prophet$. Instead, Cesar let him live, which resulted in that gang member going to Ruby’s house and shooting Ruby and his friend, Olivia. The season ended with the audience not knowing if Ruby and Olivia survived.

Season two picks up a month after the shooting, and we can see how the friend group is affected by it. By picking up a month after, we miss exactly what happened the night after the shooting. There are no flashbacks, so we’re left guessing if Olivia’s family came to Freeridge once they heard about the shooting or how the gang member, Latrell, got away.

As for pacing, this season was much slower than the first. From the time of the shooting, a total of three months went by, and two of those were shown by having a day countdown. I understand why the writers skipped some time because the story line was very slow. At times, I found myself browsing through my phone while the characters talked in the background.

The dialogue in this season was especially important, as they discussed PTSD, death and family and friend relationships.

The development between Monse and her father and Cesar and his brother, Spooky, were two of my favorite aspects of the show. Their relationships with each other got stronger because of the violence and shared experiences, which showed that not every family is perfect.

The character who shined this most for me this season was Spooky. We got to see his caring side, even if that side was also violent and at times, uncaring. Another character I enjoyed was Jasmine. In the first season, Jasmine was my least favorite character because she was all over the place. In this season, she was still all over the place, but she also slowed down in many scenes to make sure her friends were all right.

At times, the dialogue got a little weird. I felt like the writers were trying too hard to be politically correct rather than have the characters just be themselves. In a town like Freeridge, I don’t think Ruby would care about hosting a gender-neutral baby shower. It didn’t take away from the show, but it did remind me that I was watching one on Netflix.

Once the story started to pick up and the ending seemed to be getting closer, the show just continued. Instead of ending at the final big scene that tied up the entire season, they continued filming. When the season finally did finish, it left off on a cliffhanger just like the first one.

Overall, this season was great because of how long I had been waiting to find out what happened from last season and how Cesar’s consequences were going to pan out. Other than the political statements and slowness, it was definitely up there with the first season, and I will definitely watch season three.

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