Local performer makes it on 'American Idol'

'American Idol’ finalist Cade Foehner sings on the ‘American Idol’ stage. During one of his auditions, judge Katy Perry said “I just want to say, whether you are number one—whether America chooses you, you are a star, and do not forget that and just keep shining...”

Cade Foehner, a biblical theology major at Liberty University who has played at Maklemore’s Ale House and Bistro, earned a golden ticket to Hollywood as he was selected to move forward on the current season of the hit reality show “American Idol.”

Foehner is from Shelbyville, but he can often be found on the SFA campus. He frequents the Baptist Student Ministry and said, “All my friends go to SFA.”

Foehner performed a producer audition for the new season of “American Idol” and was flown out to New Orleans for an in- person audition.

“I saw an advertisement that they were coming back, and I thought, you know, I grew up watching the show, so I thought I’d give it a go,” Foehner said.

Foehner received a unanimous “yes” vote and was sent on to Hollywood to appear on the show.

He is now in the top 24 contestants moving on to the next round, which he left on Monday to film.

“It’s been really busy,” Foehner said. “It takes all your time and all your thoughts because you’re constantly thinking of what you’re gonna do next and how you’re gonna top what you just did.

“I’m amazed and dumbfounded that all these people actually want to vote for me and actually want to hear me sing.”

Foehner began playing music his freshman year of high school after breaking his leg riding a horse.

“In my recovery time, I thought this might not be what I want to do for the rest of my life, so I asked for a guitar, and it kind of just changed my life,” Foehner said.

Foehner said he wants to “go out and have a ministry of music [and] make much of the Lord.”

“To be a musician is to be a servant of people and pour yourself into a song so that someone can have an anthem to sing to get them through a rough time. That’s all I wanna do is to be a help to people,” Foehner said.

Thomas Cox, a senior finance major, said it’s exciting watching a local person in the spotlight.

“He’s a great all- around musician with the potential of making it very far,” Cox said.

Sophomore kinesiology major Cameron Hinson said he saw Foehner perform live at a festival in Shelbyville a few years ago.

"Seeing him perform live shows how gifted he is," Hinson said.

Foehner appeared on Sunday's episode. Going forward, each episode will taped live, and audience members can vote for their favorites.

Live finals will start April 22. 

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