Walking through the empty parking lots of local business strips, I began to fully realize the effects of COVID-19 on the businesses here in Nacogdoches. With so many store doors with “Closed until further notice” signs, I began to wonder just how long that “further notice” would last. While there are still essential workers here and there in businesses that are still open, vacant lots, signs posted on doors and empty buildings have become the norm.

With Nacogdoches issuing a stay-at-home order, nature has continued to thrive as less and less cars are on the road and more people are indoors. As I found myself outside one day, the uneasy feeling I had when looking at the emptiness of buildings began to go away as I saw trees continue to grow, water continue to flow and animals out and about now more than ever.

While these are scary times due to the “unknown” of COVID-19, there can be some peace and beauty found in the simplicity of the little things we can still go to and appreciate. I know that for the first time since quarantine, I was able to find some peace in the little things.

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