It’s that time of year when sororities and fraternities actively pursue new recruits to add to their chapters.  What’s different this go around, and every spring, is the formality of the recruitment process.  

Fall recruitment is much larger and more formal as opposed to spring, which is optional for chapters to partake in.  Chapters who are already at their quota, or are full of members, wouldn’t need to recruit this spring.

IFC, Interfraternity Council, and SFA Panhellenic Association are the only two Greek Councils that run recruitment this way. Multicultural Greek Council and National Pan-Hellenic Council have their own procedures.

IFC and Panhellenic members call this COB, or Continuous Open Bidding.  Most open Panhellenic events are this week whereas most of IFC’s events are next week.  

Individuals still have to register online to pay a one-time registration fee. IFC registration can be accessed at and Panhellenic’s link can be found under SFA Panhellenic Information on the Greek Life Student Affair’s website.

Director of Student Engagement Programs Amanda Horne thinks rushing is a “great opportunity to get involved and connect to the university. There’s a chapter for everyone.”

Those interested in recruitment should follow Panhellenic on social media sites.  According to Horne, that’s the best place to find out what events are happening. “Our Panhellenic social media is promoting everything,” she said.

SFA’s new Greek coordinator, University of Arkansas alumna Dare Chronister, explained it by saying, “It’s more informal in the spring at most universities.” If chapters don’t need new members, they don’t even have to participate.

“I think it’s every chapter’s goal to fill those spots, but that’s unrealistic because they want good quality men,” or women.

Horne doesn’t want anyone to hesitate to contact her if they have questions about recruitment.  

A list of dress codes and more information about Panhellenic recruitment can be found at Events can be found on social media. Major IFC events coming up are listed adjacent.


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