Multicultural fraternity earns 5 STAR recognition

The Multicultural Greek Chapter Sigma Lambda Beta Fraternity has been recognized as a 5 STAR Standards of Excellence Greek Organization for the 2019-2020 academic year. Out of the 10 that are being recognized as 5 STAR organizations this academic year, Sigma Lambda Beta is the only Multicultural Greek Council (MGC) organization to be recognized and is the first MGC Fraternity to be recognized since the STAR Standards of Excellence have been in place.

“I was in shock,” said Bryan Gray, president and senior psychology major from Plano. “I was expecting three or four STARS, but to see five, it felt good. I was really, really proud.”

Gray has been a member for three years, has previously been the fraternity’s vice president and served on the MGC executive board. Since being a part of Sigma Lambda Beta, Gray feels that he has grown as an individual and as a leader.

“I knew that joining would help me develop myself as an individual,” Gray said. “I don’t see myself being the person I am without joining. It’s like a life-long brotherhood.”

After sharing the news of the rating, Gray said it gave members a sense of optimism, and he noticed that members’ work ethic grew tremendously.

“I feel that it did serve as motivation for them because they did put in a lot of hard work, and I feel like their hard work finally paid off,” Gray said.

The program is based on five categories of standards, which include the new member program, scholarship, involvement and leadership development, service and organizational management and member development.

Each category is performed through a point- based system in which chapters are expected to meet certain criteria. The more points a chapter receives, the higher STAR Standard and accreditation it will be given. Sigma Lambda Beta received seven new members, had the highest male GPA and utilized their members’ involvement in other organizations to achieve the recognition, causing them to go from a 2 STAR rating to a 5 STAR rating.

With this recognition, Gray feels that he can use it as an opportunity to show the positive side of Greek Life and encourage other Greek Life organizations to work toward the same goals, but still pays homage to the other organizations within the council that inspired them.

“We looked at other organizations within our council because they were all doing better than us at one point,” Gray said. “We learned from them, so hopefully they [can] learn from us now.”

MCG Adviser Clare Denhollem works to guarantee that the fraternity follows University and MCG procedures.

With Sigma Lambda Beta being the only MCG organization to be a 5 STAR, Denhollem is proud of their accomplishment.

“I am proud of the work they have done to achieve this, and it shows me and others that the leadership has successfully delegated, planned and organized itself to be successful,” Denhollem said.

Rhylie Gachot, Sigma Lambda Beta’s Faculty staff advisor, has seen both the hard work and their brotherhood flourish in the one semester she has been their adviser.

“It stands out to me just because they follow through with it a majority of the time in the sense of holding each other accountable with academics [and] supporting each other with events," Gachot said. "They’re there. They’re supporting not only each other, but also the University.”

Their 5 STAR recognition, a goal the organization was set out to achieve, did not go unnoticed to Gachot.

“They are following through with the goals they have set in the beginning which means they can set an even higher goal this time around to take it a step further,” Gachot said.

As president, Gray hopes to focus more on external events that will allow them to give back to both the SFA and Nacogdoches communities together.

“We really do try to give back, and I feel like a lot of other Greek organizations [on campus] actually do that too,” Gray said.

Jocelyn Bradford, Life and Arts Editor, contributed to this article.

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