SFA Big Jacks, Bubbles and Ducktails to host fundraiser for student with cancer

SFA Big Jacks sit in Bubbles and Ducktails, a boba tea and chicken strip restaurant on College Street, helping raise money to help a student in need.

SFA Big Jacks and Bubbles and Ducktails will partner to host a fundraiser event for former Big Jacks officer Tristen Adams on April 16. 

Big Jacks is an organization that helps mentor the youth of Nacogdoches County. Adams stepped down from her officer position after being diagnosed with squamous cell carcinoma larynx, a form of laryngeal cancer. She travels from Lufkin to Dallas for every treatment to save her voice box. Adams dreams of being a middle school math teacher and said without her voice it would be very difficult to achieve that. 

“I cannot explain in words how thankful I am for everyone’s support and help,” Adams said. “Both my family and I deeply appreciate the community coming together to help us during such a hard time. Without it, I would not be able to afford to get treatment to try and save my voice box.” 

Adams struggled to afford the ENT specialist that gave her the diagnosis, and the cost of all her medical bills plus the surgery to save her voice box will only be much more. 

Big Jacks President Megan Banfield said the hearts of all the members broke when they heard the news of Adams’ health. She said they wanted to help in whatever way they could. 

“After discussing some with her, we decided that a fundraiser at Bubbles and Ducktails was a good decision. We know that her family is having a tremendous amount of medical bills that they were unable to plan for, and we hope that this fundraiser helps take some of the stress off of their plate,” Banfield said. 

Adams also has a GoFundMe set up, where she has a goal of $60,000. So far, she has $1,000 donated, but with the fundraiser from Bubbles and Ducktails, that number could increase dramatically.  

Bubbles and Ducktails Co-General Manager Erin Cuevas said the business is grateful to have the opportunity to support Adams. 

“We hope she knows that she doesn’t need her voice to share her message of strength and hope to the Nacogdoches and Lumberjack community,” Cuevas said. 

Bubbles and Ducktails will be offering a special limited menu just for the event, contributing to Adams’ cause from 4-6 p.m. 

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