Greek Street, the event for all things geek, is happening downtown on Oct. 12. The event includes a host of activities and attractions to satisfy anyone’s desire for geek culture.

As of now, the event has 32 vendors, ranging from photo opportunities to arts and crafts.

Jennyfer Keohane, part of PitBull productions and an organizer for the event, says to expect many things from a typical comic con but with more emphasis on the local vendors and performers. She says to look forward to the belly dancers and especially the drumline, Star Avenue Company.

Keohane hopes to attract enthusiasts by letting people who cosplay, or dress up in character, get in for free. She hopes that the public will want to take pictures and interact with the characters. 

Speaking of characters, Keohane says that Lacy Young of Mermaid Yacht Club will be popular this year. Young makes mermaid costumes that can be used in the water and will be in costume for Geek Street.

When Young was asked about what she was most looking forward to for Geek Street she replied, “Seeing all the creative vendors and their wares. You never know what amazing one of a kind items will show up!”

Vendors, such as VooDoo Swag, will be there, selling dream catchers, hats and keychains. Nacogdoches Medicine Shoppe will be there to hand out free vitamins. Also, in attendance will be Genesis 111 with Venus Flytraps and skull pots. There will be many food opportunities, such as Papa Johns and various food trucks.

Geek Street will have a strong impact on the community.

Young said, “Geek Street and other similar events that engage younger or more classically introverted crowds benefit the community by drawing out people who usually stay home or travel far distances to pursue their hobby.”

 Young also believes there is a positive economic impact when holding local events like this, “Events such as Geek Street will help keep tax dollars local and provide a revenue surge for businesses in the area.”

Geek Street also impacts students and clubs on campus.

“It will probably be more beneficial for the comic book community since there are vendors and such,” Junior Zach Burleson, the president of the Dungeons and Dragons club and a Geography major from Cedar Park said. “I support the event because it’s really nice to have something that the ‘nerds’ can look forward to.” 

Keohane hopes to one day turn Geek Street into a “nonprofit comic-con” with bigger names and bigger acts.

For now, Geek Street is a humble event looking to help people embrace their inner nerd with the focus on bringing the community together.

Per the official Geek Street Facebook page, “For those of you who have never come to a geek street event. this event is a free event that does not focus on profit. We focus on community and having a fun event.”

With this event still about a week away, Keoshane says that she hopes to add many more vendors and performers to the roster. 

This year’s Geek Street has plenty to offer for people to expand their geek horizon or embrace it for the first time. With lots of performers such as drumlines, belly dancers and even mermaids, these isn’t a shortage of things to see or do at Geek Street.

Geek Street is happening in the downtown festival plaza on Oct. 12 at 10a.m. 

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