Fourth semester nursing students are working with the East Texas Community Health Services to administer free flu vaccinations from 3 pm to 7 pm Oct. 7-9 and 9 am to 5 pm on Oct. 10 at the SFASU Richard and Lucille Dewitt School of Nursing building at 5707 North St.

Masks are required, and the vaccinations are being administered to anyone above the age of four, with no insurance needed.

The school of nursing has held free flu vaccinations at the Piney Woods Fair in the past; but due to the postponement of the fair until 2021, they are offering a drive-thru vaccination option underneath a canopy of tents in the parking lot.

The event is being run by fourth semester nursing students enrolled in a Community class. Brandon Shipley and Kaleb Spearmen were elected by their fellow students as co-chairmen to run the event.

“We were originally given 2000 vaccines to administer; and if traffic is high, we want to get even more,” Shipley said.

Natalie Spillers is another nursing student running the event. Thanks to their training, they’re able to get people in and out in around five minutes.

“We learned how to administer these shots in our first semester here,” Spillers said.

“With COVID-19 all over the news it’s easy to forget about the flu,” Hannah Moore, nursing student and team leader at the event, said. “It’s important any year to get the flu vaccination, but this year we want to do all we can to prevent respiratory illness. We want to reach as many people in the community as we can, not just SFA students.”

The event has administered over 400 vaccinations on the first day, but the event will continue through Friday and Saturday.

For any further questions, you can contact the School of Nursing at (936) 468-7700 during service hours of 8 am to 5 pm Monday-Friday.

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