On Oct. 15, Frogs announced they were filing a lawsuit concerning the multiple accusations of prejudice about the staff and management. It is unclear who exactly is being sued.

A tweet posted by the official Frogs Twitter account stated:

“Today, we began the process of filing a lawsuit against several individuals that accused us of being racist.”

After a thorough investigation by an outside private investigator, they found overwhelming evidence that contradicts 100% of the accusations made.

“We have instructed our attorneys that we want to move forward with the defamation suit,” Management at Frogs said in their tweet. “We have a zero-tolerance policy for discrimination at our establishment. We will not tolerate false claims being made against our staff and employees.”

Kirby Smith, a resident of Mt. Enterprise, visited Frogs where he experienced two separate instances of racial prejudice.

Smith is not involved in the lawsuit but said he has experienced multiple instances of discrimination.

According to Smith, the first encounter involved an intoxicated customer using racial slurs towards him. Smith asked the man if he needed to sit down and the man responded to him stating to get out of his face and proceeded to use profanity. The manager brushed it off due to the man being intoxicated and told Smith to ignore it.

Smith said the second encounter took place on Jun. 2. The same man approached Smith again and attempted to instigate a fight. Frogs security was behind the man and did nothing when he repeated racist comments to Smith, claiming they did not hear it.

Smith and his company were kicked out while the other man was allowed to leave through the back.

“They never told him to leave,” Smith said. “They told us to leave.”

A friend of Smith called the manager the next day to ask what had happened the night before. The manager reportedly told her, “they were the problem.” When asked to clarify he said, “Black people.”

Smith then took to Facebook to notify others of his experience. He says the manager did attempt to reach out through Facebook Messenger after the post was made.

Since then, many accusations have come to light, reaching a wide audience on Twitter. There are reports that can be traced back to 2016.

“It’s pretty much been a cover up,” Smith said. “They’re covering up this racist stuff that’s been going on forever.”

Although Frogs is under new management as of 2019, the newer accusations have a parallel to previous prejudices.

One tweet claims people of color are being charged to enter while white customers are being let in for free.

“It just doesn’t seem like a safe place for Black people to go because you’re going to be treated differently,” Smith said. “You’re not treated fairly in Frogs.”

Frogs employees denied comment, and management was not available to comment on the lawsuit or accusations.

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