In the past months, there has been an influx of businesses coming to the city of Nacogdoches. The newest business can be found on Main Street in downtown. Brick Street Sandwich Co. is a café that offers sandwiches, spuds, soups, salads and sweets.

When the Olde Towne General Store closed its doors to merge with Cowboy Jack’s Saloon in September, customers of 15 years, Drew and Cynthia Knowles, wondered what would be made of the place.

“For a few months, I would tell my wife, we ought to reopen that,” Knowles said. “Somebody needs to, and I was afraid somebody might not do it right. That’s when we finally just decided, you know, we could do it. It might be kind of fun.”

Knowles said that he visited the original store about three times a week for lunch for the past 15 years. While visiting the store frequently, he met Jaide Dodge, who worked at the Olde Towne General Store as a chef for four years.

The Knowles’ worked together with Dodge to make the menu, come up with daily specials and gave her the restaurant to manage.

“I like the way that things were done here before, but we tried to change it to make it a little bit different,” Knowles said. “The menu is almost completely different, and the place looks real different than it did before. If you ever came in to Olde Towne, you’d realize the changes that had happened.”

What Knowles said he liked the most about Olde Town was that it was a comfortable place with good food that was reasonably priced.

“We changed the look, and it’s a little bit sleeker than it used to be,” Knowles said. “But, I wanted good food at a similar price than it was.”

Dodge, now manager of Brick Street Sandwich Co., said that she never expected Knowles to ask her to run their kitchen.

“I worked [for] four years at Olde Towne,” Dodge said. “It was my first job ever. I learned communication skills, working with customers [and] how to be pleasant. I thank Dolli so much for the opportunity to learn everything that I’ve come to do now.

[Knowles] was a regular at Olde Towne, that’s how I met him. He messaged me one day on Facebook. I thought he was going to ask for cookies or something like that.”

“Not to open a restaurant. I was caught off guard and I was so excited for the opportunity.”

Dodge worked alongside Cynthia to create the restaurant’s menu. Some things that they kept from the previous restaurant include the classic BLT, Caesar, Rueben, Cuban, chef and cobb salads.

“Everything is made from scratch,” Dodge said. “We work on everything to make sure it’s perfection. Our pasta salad is homemade. Our potato salad is homemade. I make homemade ranch. We make sure it’s local and homemade.”

Apart from the food, Dodge said that the best part of working at Brick Street Sandwich Co. was the customers.

“Seeing new faces every day, getting to know regulars and knowing your food is good, that is the best part,” Dodge said. “Knowing that I can make the customers happy.”

For Cynthia, it’s the environment. “The [best part is the] joy of having such a fun, happy spot for our family, friends and community to gather and enjoy great food,” Cynthia said.

Dodge said that since the restaurant opened, they’ve been getting a lot of positive feedback.

“We are learning as we go, but we are committed to listening to our friends and customers to continue to make changes and bring fresh ideas into Brick Street,” Cynthia said.

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