Dear readers,

Since the outbreak of COVID-19, also known as the coronavirus, a lot has changed for the SFA community. I think I speak for almost everyone when I say that we’ve been uprooted from our daily routines and schedules and plunged into a completely different world.

Last week, the University announced residence halls were closing for the rest of the semester, and all classes are being moved to an online format through summer 2020. Under these circumstances, it is not feasible to print the remaining weekly issues this spring as we had planned.

In addition, before the pandemic arrived, The Pine Log had already begun the process of transitioning to a new all-digital format that was to launch in fall 2020. This change is in response to trends that have been impacting newspapers across the country, including loss of ad sales and changes in the way we all consume news.

Therefore, I am sad to say, the March 4, 2020, issue was The Pine Log’s last regular printed issue for the foreseeable future. (We plan to continue printing the annual summer Welcome Edition and hope to produce occasional “special issues” in the traditional print format.)

What does this mean for The Pine Log and how you get your news? The Pine Log’s mission is to continue to meet the campus’ needs for information and provide a forum for discussion of important issues. And that has not changed. We aren’t going anywhere!

The Pine Log editorial board is still having weekly meetings via Zoom. There, we discuss story ideas and how to keep readers engaged, and we share important events and news and make plans to get our content circulated throughout the week.

I’d like to take this time to thank everyone who has believed in my leadership as editor-in-chief. While I am still in the position, I am deeply affected because I didn’t know I’d be making my last front page when I did, but I guess that’s what life is. We don’t know we’re in “the good days” until we’re looking back at them.

Like the University, The Pine Log is still adjusting and coming up with ways to make our publication function normally. For now, you can still read The Pine Log online 24/7. The best way to get up-to-date news is to follow our Twitter and Facebook page. You can also email me at

Stay safe everyone and Axe 'Em forever. 


Raquel Torres

Pine Log Editor-in-Chief


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