The Center for Career and Professional Development will be hosting a virtual Accounting Expo via Handshake, SFA’s career management platform. The expo will be held from 1-3 p.m.  on Wed. Sep 16. Students must register on Handshake in order to participate and sign up for various sessions.

“It is very important that students register in Handshake and sign up for these sessions ahead of time,” Jamie Bouldin, Director of CCPD said. “We want to ensure that students have the opportunity to meet with the organizations they are interested in, and there is always a chance that sessions may be full if students wait too long.”

Students will be able to sign up for group and one-on-one sessions with employers, and by registering in advance, students will have time to prepare for what conversations may take place with employers. The group sessions will be attended by many students at the same time and offer the employers an opportunity to tell attendees about the company and their open positions. One-on-one sessions will be a chance for attendees to meet individually with the recruiters to answer a few questions about why they are a good fit for the positions, or for the attendee to ask more questions about the role and company.

“The employers that come to our career expos are always excited to engage with Lumberjacks and to discuss potential career opportunities with their company,” Tierney White, a CCPD Coordinator said. “Whether it is a full-time job, part-time position or internship, students should feel confident making connections while interacting with employers.”

CCPD recommends joining the expo in a quiet, private space without distractions, and that students dress professionally and have their resume available to send to the employers if requested. Students are welcome to visit the CCPD office to utilize the Career Closet if they are on campus and need professional attire.

“We encourage students to come to all of our expos, regardless of major, to expand their network and sharpen their communication skills,” White said.

CCPD also encourages attendees to spend some time updating their Handshake profiles, since employers have access to those.

“Updating fields on the Handshake profile, such as expected graduation date, GPA and work authorization will help the employer connect with students more specifically,” Brandi Derouen, Assistant Director of CCPD said. “Other areas to update on the Handshake profile include the types of jobs you’re looking for, where you’re looking to work or intern and the types of roles you’re interested in.”

The CCPD offers Handshake and LinkedIn profile critiques to help students along the way. Students can reach out to the CCPD to ask for help in preparing for these events. They also offer free resources and services, such as mock interviews and professional document critiques.

The CCPD will also be hosting Virtual Expo Prep Workshops online on Sept. 15, Oct. 8 and Oct. 20. Two other virtual expos will also be held this fall – the Fall Teacher Job Fair on Oct. 9 and the Fall Career and Internship Expo on Oct. 21.

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