3OH!3 to perform at SFA Homecoming

The SFA Student Activities Association, Traditions Council and Student Government Association have decided this year’s Homecoming artist and theme. 3OH!3 will be the performing artist at the 2019 SFA Homecoming Bonfire concert, fitting in with the Music Festival theme.

The electronic pop duo 3OH!3 is best known for their single released in 2008, “DONTTRUSTME,” as well as their song with Ke$ha, “My First Kiss” which was released in 2010 and their 2008 single “STARSTRUKK” with Katy Perry.

Established in 2007, 3OH!3 is a duo of two college graduates, Sean Foreman and Nathaniel Motte from Boulder, CO.

With five albums, the last being released in 2016, the electric-pop duo has been making small appearances to the public eye with visits to universities.

Director of Student Engagement, Lacey Folsom, said students are encouraged to dress up for the event’s concept of music festival vibes.

“For the bonfire, we’re excited to have 3OH!3," Folsom said. "During that event, we encourage people to put on their fanny packs and bring their glow sticks. We’ll be giving out glow sticks and different items that kind of give a vibe of just, a fun music festival."

“3OH!3 brings a lot of energy, and so we’re hoping that we’ll inspire people while they’re dancing and having a great time,” she said.

SAA Special Events Coordinator, Keylon Mathis, said he thinks the student body reaction will be positive.

“They are a popular group," Mathis said. “They bring a level of fun and excitement to SFA. We are excited to welcome them to our campus and we want our student body to have an amazing homecoming experience."

The setlist for the performance has yet to be determined. The concert will be held at the Intramural Fields after the Homecoming Bonfire on Oct. 25 at 9:30 p.m.

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