The Student Government Association will be hosting its second annual Trader Jacks event on March 18. The event will be held from 6 to 8 p.m. at Surfin’ Steve. Students can sign up at the SGA office, located on the first floor of the student center.

The event is free and will allow students to showcase their businesses and sell their products to the SFA and Nacogdoches community. Students can sign up until March 7.

Scarleth Lopez, SGA president and senior psychology major from Dayton, said that Trader Jacks was started by current SGA Vice President Cathleen Young, senior multidisciplinary studies major from McKinney.

“It’s just a really great way to showcase students’ talents,” Lopez said. “Small businesses, if they can cut hair or wash cars, stuff like that, we just want to make sure that they get that recognition and make it as a fun event where they don’t have to pay anything.”

Every year, the SGA puts on a garage sale. That is where the idea for Trader Jacks originated.

“Instead of making it a garage sale where everyone can showcase that or sell whatever it is that they have at the back of their closet, we wanted to make sure that students were given that opportunity to showcase their talents and their businesses,” Lopez said. “I think it’s a really great idea to bring together students and the community as well.”

Young said that many students on campus are creative and should be provided encouragement.

“Last year, I loved how things were custom,” Young said. “I’m most excited this semester because we have a woodworker signed up, paintings, jewelry, nail service and more.”

As of press time, SGA had 15 registered for the day. Students are encouraged to sign up in the SGA office as soon as possible to guarantee a table. The event will also host food trucks.

A student who participated in last year’s Trader Jacks event will also be participating this year. Mickaila Stamp, junior horticulture major from Lumberton, will be selling bracelets.

“I went to the first Trader Jacks, and I really enjoyed it,” Stamp said. “Trader Jacks helped me get more exposure to people at SFA. I’ve continued to do this every semester when it’s being ran. This allows me to meet new people and see what people really like.”

According to Stamp, she’s been making bracelets for a while now.

“It’s more of a hobby now than anything,” Stamp said. “I also can also embroider and make the big hand knitted blankets, so I typically bring those items with me as well to show customers what I can do.”

Stamp also mentioned that she will have a friend selling scrunchies and candles.

The SGA president encourages the Nacogdoches community to support students’ businesses.

“Come to the event with an open mind,” Lopez said. “Students have all different sorts of talents, so if we’re going to showcase that, we have to appreciate. A lot of times people have something that’s maybe just of their culture or something that’s special to them and to you it may not seem serious or whatever, but to them it may be their livelihood or something that they really care about. Come with an open mind and come to appreciate.”

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