SFA encountered the first push back against wearing face masks on the first day back to class, Aug. 24. An unidentified student refused to wear a mask while getting onto the shuttle bus and held up fellow riders in the process.

Dean of Student Affairs Dr. Adam Peck took to Twitter to actively look for the student to resolve the issue, threatening to shut down the shuttle bus if this activity continued.

“If this continues to occur on the shuttle bus, we’ll have to look seriously at discontinuing the bus,” Peck said. “There is already an inherent risk to being in a vehicle with others. This can be reduced through maintaining appropriate distancing and wearing a mask.”

Dr. Peck believes the university’s COVID-19 response is enough to keep students on campus for the whole semester if each student adheres to the procedures.

 “Each individual has a great deal of control over their own health and welfare,” Peck said. “If they wear a mask, stay 6 feet apart from individuals who are not in their family and they wash their hands regularly, they reduce their chance of infection considerably,”

 Consequences to breaking the university’s COVID policy are based on the severity of the offense. However, there has been little resistance to wearing masks around campus.

 “I’ve spent a lot of time walking around campus this week,” Peck said. “Students are taking this seriously. That’s why situations like this one are so shocking to us – because they are so out of the norm of what we see from most students.”

 SFA’s mask policy states each student must wear a cloth face covering over the nose and mouth in classes and around the campus. For more information concerning SFA’s mask policy, go to SFA’s home page.

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