The SFA School of Art will host a reception at 5:30 p.m. Thursday at the Cole Art Center.

The gallery is currently hosting “Image & Text Collaborations: A 20-year Celebration of SFA Book Arts” in Ledbetter Gallery of the Cole Art Center at the Old Opera House.

The exhibition will be on display until June 8. It is a representation of the works of LaNana Creek Press, which has been part of the SFA School of Art for 20 years.

“A retrospective exhibition of the works of LaNana Creek Press is something we have been thinking about for a few years, and we wanted to take a look back at its 20 years as the Fine Arts Press of SFA,” Professor of Art History David Lewis said. “At the same time, we were interested in demonstrating its impact in the larger framework of book arts, an art field which has grown and become more diverse since the 1990’s.”

The reception will feature a panel discussion with Lewis and SFA faculty members Candace Hicks, Neal Cox and Aloma Marquis.

The works chosen for display in this exhibit are all publications of the LaNana Creek Press done over the last 20 years.

“These are issued in limited editions in the Fine Arts Press tradition, but the Book Arts at SFA also encourages non-traditional approaches to book design and book making, and we will highlight some of the ways that has developed in some of the more experimental books in the exhibition,” Lewis said.

LaNana Creek Publishing has found its creations in major collections all across the world, some including the British Library and the Harry Ransome Center. Some of the illustration work featured in the exhibit is done by historically significant artists.

Charles Jones, Regents professor and co-founder of the LaNana Creek Press, designed, planned, printed and bound the books in the exhibit.

“Much of the works was in collaboration with writers and artists from around the world and was completed with assistance from students from my graduate and undergraduate classes in Printmaking and the Art of the Book,” Jones said. “The works produced are in major collections around the world and here in the United States.”

The collaboration of the exhibit stretches past just artists and writers, and involves others as well, such as designers and craftspeople.

“The range of styles, forms, colors and the imagery are quite varied, something for every taste, if you will; from playful to solemn and everything in- between,” Lewis said.

The Cole Art Center is located at 329 E. Main St. in downtown Nacogdoches.

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