The Student Government Association announced that voting for the new student body president, vice president and college senators will be Monday and Tuesday.

The ballot link can be found under the “Important Notifications” tab on MySFA. Student Body President Jeffrey Agouna plans to send out a campus-wide email announcing when voting opens.

John Parks, a senior political science major from Katy, is running for student body president as a write-in. The main focus of his platform is making sure students are prepared for life after college through more tutoring programs and programs about post- college life, as well as faster ways of getting around campus.

“Should I get elected, I will strive to build a stronger student body. The core of my policy is ‘Students First;’ I want my fellow Lumberjacks to be prepared for the world outside college, especially upperclassmen,” Parks said. “We have career seminars, simulated job interviews and SFA 101, but I believe our fellow students deserve better. I propose all students register for weekly sessions that deal with subjects like personal financial management, how to search for jobs that fit one’s schedule, back-up plans for drop outs, how to keep debt under control, etc.”

Because he is a write-in, students intending to vote for Parks must fill his name in, rather than check off a box.

Sabina Adhikari is a junior computer science major from Kathmandu, Nepal, running for student body president, with Brittany Sparks, a sophomore math major from Cyprus, as student body vice president.

“Our slogan is ‘we belong here,’” Adhikari said. “I’m international, [Brittany] is from here, so it includes all the people: national people, international people, minority group, majority group. So it’s all, it’s for us.”

Together, Adhikari and Sparks will focus the initiatives of their platform on the academic sector, and their main goal is to enhance the experiences of all students through more than just extracurricular activities.

“A lot of people, whenever they leave college, they don’t really know what they’re doing,” Sparks said. “And so we want to try to give them more opportunities so that whenever they leave, they have a plan.”

Scarleth Lopez, a junior psychology major from Dayton, is running for student body president with Cathleen Young, a junior multi-disciplinary studies major from McKinney, for student body vice president.

“We actually have a couple of different ideas,” Lopez said. “One of the things I really want to focus on is having SFA become a little more environmentally friendly, as well as installing a Blessing Box that we’ve seen across the country, where we can provide everyday items such as pens, paper, toilet paper, toiletries, stuff like that. Little items that they might not have five dollars to go to the dollar store for.”

The two say they will focus on increasing mental health resources across campus and expanding resume help by offering free trainings like CPR and Safe Space Alliance.

“One thing that I’ve really worked on this semester is working with smaller organizations and helping them kind of get themselves out there,” Young said. “Some of the organizations that I’ve already worked with are the Three Dollar Bill Club. They put on a drag show to help with the Lavender Prom here in Nacogdoches. I’ve worked with TEAM, The Environmental Awareness Movement, so that they can have a forum, and I’ve also worked with OurLow, with their mental health awareness week. We want to help those smaller organizations, help them grow and succeed, but also get their message out there.”

Eryka Hill, a sophomore biology pre-medicine major from Anahuac, is running for senator for the College of Math and Science. Students can recognize Hill by her campaign slogan, “a voice for innovation yesterday, today and tomorrow.”

“I hope to be elected because it would be an honor to represent SFA and my fellow College of Math and Science counterparts as we continue on with our educations,” Hill said.

Analeeza Martinez is a junior public administration major from New Braunfels, and is running for Senator for the College of Liberal and Applied Arts. Martinez has experience in politics through her internship for Ted Cruz and often flies to and from Washington, D.C., for political conferences.

“I’m hoping to work with advisers to find more internships, job opportunities and jobs for students,” Martinez said. “This semester was my first semester in SGA and I’m ready to do more this fall to better serve the students here at SFA.”

Leenell Colon, a sophomore environmental science major from Beaumont, is running for College senator for the Arthur Temple College of Forestry and Agriculture. Throughout the week, Colon plans to communicate his platform to students in person.

“If elected, I simply hope that I can act as a liaison to voice the needs of my peers,” Colon said.

“The week before elections I will mostly focus on rallying support in the ATCOFA by hanging up flyers and convincing students in the building’s common areas why they should vote for me.”

Meredith Janning has worked on The Pine Log since her second semester at Stephen F. Austin. During her time at The Pine Log, Meredith has held the positions of staff writer and news editor.

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