Campus Rec partners with Wonder Women Run series for 10th annual Homecoming week 5K

On Tuesday, Oct. 22, SFA Campus Rec, in partnership with the National Intramural-Recreational Sports Association (NIRSA) and the Wonder Woman College Run Series, will be hosting the 10th Annual SFA Homecoming Wonder Woman 5K, a superhero themed fun run geared towards students and the Nacogdoches community. Registration for the event goes through the official Wonder Woman College Run Series website at

 Packet pick up time will start at 3:00 p.m. The race will start at 5:45 p.m. at the Baker Pattillo Student Center and end at 7:45 p.m. Following the race. there will be a party that will include an interactive wall where participants can write who inspires them, live music, a photo booth and much more.

 Ben Telesca, facilities and member services assistant director, said that SFA is one of the few campuses partnering with this run, stating that NIRSA reached out to the university to gain partnership.

 “[We] are one of the few campuses in the country that are hosting this run, and it’s through our partnership with NIRSA that we got selected for this,” Telesca said. “There’s other big schools that are also hosting it. We’re one of the smallest campuses that this is probably [going to] happen on, but it’s great for our community [and] for our students.”

 Trace Seaton, sports clubs and campus coordinator, said that this is an opportunity that Campus Rec could not pass up.

 “We figured it was a really cool opportunity to do and we might as well jump at the chance [because] it is something that doesn’t happen here often,” Seaton said. “It’s going to be a really fun, unique experience…something [people] have probably never experienced before.”

 Jessica Waguespack, Employee Wellness Assistant director, said that this 5K run is a part of SFA’s Homecoming Week. Waguespack added that the Wonder Woman College Series just happened to line up with Campus Rec’s anticipated date to have the 5K run.

 “Even though it’s Wonder Woman College Series, it’s still part of the homecoming event and it’s still tied to Campus Recreation,” Waguespack said. “The series kind of floats around to different schools in the nation, and we just happen to be that lucky school they reached out to.”

 With homecoming weekend being packed with other campus related events, a weekday run was the best way Campus Rec felt the event could flourish.

 “It was always on Saturday mornings [of homecoming weekend]. We thought there’s too many things going against us to really get the student population out,” Waguespack said. “We saw that we had a much larger student population come out last year when we had it on a weekday.”

 The thematic element of women’s empowerment and the impact it can make is what sets this particular run apart from an ordinary 5K run.

 “Think of the empowerment,” Telesca said. “Think of the gals that are going to dress up and the kids that are maybe drawn to it. Those are the cool things that we want to share with the community, faculty and the students.”

 While Campus Rec is promoting the run mainly to students, community involvement is encouraged.

 “Even if you’re perhaps not inclined to run, you can still come and participate and be part of the action,” Telesca said. “It’s about the experience, it’s about what you get out of it beyond the wellness and the physical piece of it. Come out for the experience.” 

My name is Jocelyn Bradford and I am a junior at SFASU. I am an English secondary education major, but I have always had a passion for writing. I currently work full time as a service manager for Chipotle and I am also a writing tutor at the AARC.

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