Lumberjack Guardian app enhances campus safety

Lumberjack Guardian app screenshot

The SFA University Police Department offers students, faculty and staff a mobile phone app that transforms smart phones into personal safety devices.

The Lumberjack Guardian mobile phone app, provided by the same company as SFA’s JackAlert Emergency Notification System, enhances safety on campus through real-time interactive features that create a virtual safety network of friends, family and the University Police Department. Anyone with an SFA email address may voluntarily download the app and enroll in the service.

This virtual technology is free to all SFA students, faculty and staff members and fits seamlessly into the always- on, mobile lifestyle of today’s college students. The features include a panic button, which directs an immediate connection to University Police Dispatch with the student’s GPS location and personal profile information that the user enters into the app; tip texting that enables anonymous, two-way crime tip reporting through text and images; student-created safety profiles that contain such information as place of residence, medical conditions and personal safety concerns; and personal

Guardians and Safety Timers that can be selected or set voluntarily by students.

The safety timer lets a student choose a person he or she trusts, such as the University Police, friends, roommates and/or family, as “Guardians” to ensure that student reaches the destination in the allotted timeframe chosen. During a timer
session, Guardians and/ or University Police, if selected as a Guardian, can check the status of the student. If the Safety Timer is not deactivated before it expires, the person selected as a “Guardian” is automatically provided with the user’s Lumberjack Guardian profile to proactively identify and check in on the individual.

Individuals’ profile data is stored privately and securely within Rave Mobile Safety’s databases. The profile information is entered voluntarily by the student through the company’s secure web portal. The information is shared with pre-designated personal contacts and/or safety officials only when the student initiates an alert or allows a previously set safety timer to  expire. The user’s identity is immediately known to authorities when the user initiates a call to the University Police or the safety timer expires, so that they can take swift action to locate the student – even if he or she cannot speak on the phone.

For more information about Lumberjack Guardian, JackAlerts or safety tips, go to http:// or SFApolice for more information. To get the Rave Guardian app on your phone, go to Google

Play Store (Android) or the App Store (iPhone). Search for Rave Guardian, download the app and follow the instructions. If you need assistance with the Lumberjack Guardian app or registering for JackAlerts, contact UPD.

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