The Rusche College of Business is offering an entrepreneurship major starting this semester due to high demand by students. The program was officially approved in the summer, after going through the curriculum cycle last year and then being approved at the department, college and university levels.

“I think it will provide a great option to students who are planning on starting up or taking over a small business,” Dr. Matt Lindsey, associate professor and department chair of Management and Marketing said.  “It also equips students to act ‘entrepreneurially,’ if they find themselves working for a larger firm.”

The Rusche College of Business has been offering an Entrepreneurship minor. Until recently, the college only had the faculty to offer a limited number of Entrepreneurship classes.  Last year, they were able to bring on Dr. Raymond Jones, assistant professor who specializes in Business Strategy and Entrepreneurship, which allowed them to expand their offerings.

“Entrepreneurship is one of the top growing majors across the country in terms of business,” Jones said. “It really applies to a lot of different areas whether you’re a business student or not; people need to be entrepreneurial.”

Jones feels that people can learn to seek and identify opportunities, as well as exploring them and ultimately pursuing those opportunities. Jones also feels that by studying entrepreneurship, it helps students become problem solvers.

The Rusche College of Business also has an Executive Advisory Board who has been encouraging more Entrepreneurship classes and a possible major.  In addition, adding the Entrepreneurship major supports the University Strategic Plan as it provides for transformative experiences for students, like working on live cases or “Shark Tank” type competitions.

For more information on the Rusche College of Business, visit their website at

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