Student Wellness Action Team, Lumberjacks Care and Student Government Association will be hosting a safe spring break send-off that will have free food, games and prizes at 7 p.m. Thursday in the Campus Recreation courtyard.

During this event, students will learn about safe sex, alcohol safety, consent, sun care and bystander intervention before leaving for spring break. The groups want to raise awareness over the dangers that could happen during spring break.

“SGA decided to have this event due to the rising numbers of deaths from car wrecks during spring break and other areas like safe sex,” SGA Business Senator Wester Couch said. “Our goal is to bring awareness to the issue and the statistics with realistically what could happen. Drunk driving, safe sex [and] not using sunscreen are all issues that need to be touched on and students need to be aware of.”

SGA wants everyone to be safe during spring break. Couch said because SGA is students for the students, they care for the student body, and they don’t want to see student deaths. SGA is hoping students take a lot out of this event.

Sabrina Anderson, a junior psychology major from Arlington, and a group of friends plan to drive to Florida and spend their spring break on the beach. She is aware of the safety risks that can occur during spring break, and she is excited that there will be an event to learn about spring break safety tips.

“I’ve never been to the Florida beach during spring break, but I hear a lot of stories about parties and other stuff,” Anderson said. “I think it is good that this event is going on, and students are learning about the different problems that could go wrong during spring break. Not only do students gain knowledge about alcohol safety but also skin care under the sun.”

According to The Washington Post, in 2018 over 400 crashes involving students under the influence happened in Texas, and the accidents resulted in 11 deaths. The Center of Disease Control also warns that someone is killed every 31 minutes because of drunken driving during normal times, but the number increases by 23% during spring break. CDC also stated that the annual cost of alcohol-related crashes is approximately $44 billon.

Journal of American College Health reported that during spring break, the average male drinks 18 more alcoholic beverages, and the average women drinks 10 more drinks. More than half of the spring breakers drank until they got sick or passed out.

In The Marshall News Messenger’s article “Texas DPS offers safety tips for Spring Break,” Texas Department of Public Safety encourages the public to be safe during spring break and how DPS is going to enhance law enforcement efforts during spring break.

“We are asking the public to do their part by driving responsibly, obeying the laws and monitoring road conditions during their Spring Break travels,” DPS Director Steven McCraw said. “DPS will do our part to enhance safety by patrolling the roadways to remove dangerous drivers.”

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