SFA basketball player transfers to Trinity Valley Community College
Freshman Mitchell Seraille announced his commitment to Trinity Valley Community College on May 1, just five days after announcing on Twitter he was putting his name into the transfer portal.

He’s joining six of his former teammates who have either quit, transferred or have been kicked off the SFA men’s basketball team.

Seraille is from Houston, where he played basketball at Jack Yates high school before signing with SFA. In his one year as a Lumberjack, Seraille averaged 4.1 points per game, started in five games and totaled 15 assists, 11 steals

Mitchell Seraille for the Texas Association After completing his of Basketball Coaches senior season in high and earned the District school, Seraille was 24-4A MVP honors.

“Want to say thank the coaches at SFA for a opportunity to play here and thank the fans for their support, but after some thinking I decided to put my name in the transfer portal and open up my recruitment,” Seraille said on Twitter.

Seraille decided to play at a TVCC for a year and plans to return to Division 1 basketball for the last two years of his collegiate career. “To all these young dudes that’s getting scholarships from big schools,” he tweeted. “Make sure that’s what you want to do, make sure it fits, [and] most importantly make sure you have some coaches that’s willing to help and see you become better off and on the court.”

On Wednesday he tweeted, “Just signed with Trinity Valley Community College #JUCOPRODUCT.”

Other teammates who have left include TJ Holyfield, Aaron Augustin, Jock Hughes, Kevon Harris, Karl Nicholas and Aaron Walton.

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