The admin of @SFAQuestions on Twitter, a popular account for SFA students to get information, is looking for someone to take over the account.  

 Since starting in the summer of 2016, the Twitter account has only had three people running it.  

I’ve officially started the process of finding the next owner of this account. As sad as I am that my time is coming to an end I am so excited that someone else will get the chance to interact w all y’all through this,” the owner said in a tweet.  

The admin spoke in an interview about their time running the account along with some other things they have noticed throughout the time.  

Q: When and how did you start using the account? 

AI started in September 2019 when I took over from the original owner who created the account around the fall of 2016! 

QSo, you're only the second person to run the account? Has that been a lot of pressure? 

AThere was someone who had the account between myself and the original owner, but that only lasted a few months and didn’t work out. But yeah, it took me a while to find my voice and how I could uphold the original owners same vibes and positivity and message with my own voice and style. 

QWere there times that you wanted to hand it over to someone else? 

ANot so much that, more that I just felt I wasn’t doing the account justice and questioned if I was doing a good job. Running this through the start of the pandemic was really draining. The hardest part was running it through the ice storm. I became a part of the chain of information and was constantly updating and answering questions. That’s when I wished there were two of me. I think people forget that there is a human behind the account who is also dealing with the current state of affairs just like the rest of the state, and I’m a really empathetic person. It was just emotionally draining but I would absolutely do it time and time again. This account was created to be a part of the chain of information and a safe place to ask questions so thats what I did.  

Q I can understand how it feels like people start to assume you're available 24/7 or even have all the answers. Would you consider changing the tradition and have two admins for the account? 

AI have thought about it. If there are two people who apply who I think could work well together, I’d be more than open to the idea. I also delegated and asked someone to create and run an entire SFA leases account because I saw that all this account was posting was lease takeovers and a lot of the student org stuff was getting lost so having that whole topic taken away from this account really helped make just the daily account maintenance a lot easier. 

QSo, in a sense, one person would run this account then the other would run the lease account, but could consult with the other? Or is the person running the lease account still able to [run that account]? 

AAs far as I’m aware, the person with the lease account is still able to run it. 

QWell then, if you would like to share, what is the process of picking someone to take over the account? 

ASo, I’m just doing it the way it was done for my selection where there’s a Google form that people who contact me and say they’re interested can fill out. 

Q: How long are you having the form open? 

AHonestly, until I find the right person.  

QAre you going to reveal who you are once you have passed down the torch? Or are you wanting to make sure no one finds out ever? 

A: I’m open to revealing! 

QWas it hard to keep your identity a secret from friends and the public? Like were you close to accidentally saying you run the account? 

ANo not really, my closest friends knew, and that’s all I felt needed to know. I have had people find out and come up and ask or dm and ask and that’s always funny. I don’t think it would be that hard to figure out and a bunch of people in my org have figured it out on their own. 

QDid you feel like they treated you different or was it easy to have someone to talk to about the account? 

AI don’t think they treated me differently at all, I think they were just proud of me honestly. It was great to have someone who knew and who could laugh with me when people posted something funny or to lean on when it got tough 

QHas your experience at SFA changed since running this account? Like have you seen a different side of the school/community within the students? 

AAbsolutely. It’s easy to ignore things that are going on or just be oblivious to them because you’re focusing on yourself and your own life; and if you don’t get on social media, it’s a little easier to not know what’s going on for a little while. Running this account means knowing instantly when people are upset or changes are happening, both good and bad. In order to do my job correctly, I have to pay attention to the good, bad and the ugly 

QHave you ever gotten hate from other students? Have any ever gotten upset and the account and ask why you're doing this? 

AAbsolutely. Not everyone agrees with everything all the time, and I’ve had to apologize to people for things I’ve taken a wrong way or been in the complete wrong on. I don’t think anyone has ever wondered why I’m doing this or anything; but yeah, not everyone always agrees with my perspective. 

QWhat made you want to run this account? Was it like you mentioned before to bring awareness to things happening within the student community? 

AI saw it as an opportunity to advocate for students and to help them make their voices heard and to get information out. I’m a Jackwalker on campus, and I love SFAI love connecting with students and learning their stories and helping them connect, and I saw this as another opportunity to do that. 

Q: Has both being a Jackwalker and admin of this account changed the way you approach/view things? 

AI think it’s really helped me to just know more about what’s going on around campus and policies and how to direct students to get their questions. I think I approach things the same way in both where I just want to connect with and help students the best way I can 

QWhat's something you're going to miss about running the account? Or from your school experience in general? 

AI’m going to miss being able to interact with students through this account. It’s a really unique and fun way to connect with people and to learn about different things going on around campus and hear people’s stories. I’m for sure going to miss it 

QWhat is something you want the next admin or even SFA students to know either about this account or being a student at SFA in general? 

AFor the next admin- enjoy it. Don’t try to please everyone because it’s impossible. Just do the right thing and have fun. For the followers- remember that behind every [social media account] is an actual person with emotions too. And never stop standing up for what’s right. I’m so proud of the students for always standing up for equality in every aspect and allowing me to help them get their message across 

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