Generation Jacks, or GenJacks, will host their FirstGenFriday event from 9 to 11 a.m. on Sept. 18, in front of Steen Library. The group had to reschedule the event as it was originally planned for the first week of school, when the campus was encouraged to evacuate for Hurricane Laura.

The purpose of FirstGenFriday is to help students who are the first in their family to attend college or university answer any questions they have relating to college.

“We want to share that even though there are plenty of speed bumps along the way, you are not alone, and it can be done,” Jack Adams, Generation Jacks counselor said. “Being a Generation-Jacks counselor, I have the opportunity to mentor first-gen students such as myself, and I just want to be a resource people can go to.”

A table will be set up outside the library where GenJack counselors will be available to provide any advice, study tips and help students who are wary of their first year of college, along with providing snacks.

“Our main goal is to always make sure students know they can get help with anything they may need, whether from us or other campus resources,” Sydnee Seeton, Generation Jacks counselor said. “I hope that from this program we can reassure students that they made the right choice by coming to SFA and help them know that there is always someone in their corner.”

GenJacks offers students monthly socials throughout the year, along with a summer leadership academy to help students transition from high school to their first year of college classes. Students are provided with a student counselor who will help them with any questions or concerns throughout the year.

“Many first-generation students bear the weight of being the first in their family to attend a four-year university,” Tykiana Blue, lead counselor for GenJacks said. “GenJacks is a great community to be a part of and many first-generation students have no idea it exists, but it’s never too late to reach out and make friends who face the same challenges.”

Even though it will be the fourth week of school, GenJacks are there to answer all questions, not just ones relating to the first week of school jitters.

“GenJacks has opened so many doors for me and provided me with some of the best friends [and] mentors I’ve ever had,” Seeton said.

While college can be intimidating, especially if no one in the family can help give advice, Blue feels that having an organization such as GenJacks reminds first generation students that they are not alone.

“This is a weight they do not have to bear alone because GenJacks is a community full of students bearing the same weight,” Blue said.

If they are not able to attend, students are encouraged to email with any questions about GenJacks.

Junior at SFASU Current Opinions Editor for the Pine Log

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