Student organization aims to break pro-life stereotype

Back to front row, left to right: Joseph Martindale, junior political science major from Houston, Armando Garcia, junior public administration major from Katy, Gary Trevino, senio philosophy major from Lufkin human sciences major from Houston, Anna Krieg, sophomore graphic design major from Grand Prairie, Gabby Supan, junior education major from Richardson, Liz Miller, senior elementary education major from League City and Lynna Levin, sophomore theatre major from Richmond, are all members of the organization. The members said they share a common passion for human life.

Lumberjacks for Life is an organization that focuses on educating students about pro-life matters and creating a dialogue about reproductive rights on campus. The organization has been around since October 2013 and has been dedicated to many causes in the six years of operation. 

Along with their pro-life involvement, the organization focuses on issues of reproductive health, retirement home mistreatments and the mistreatment of kids in crisis. The organization also holds a stance of loving everyone through all the stages of life. 

“[We are] a loving, passionate organization – passionate about life and the sacredness of it,” Club President Liz Miller, senior education major from League City said. “Just a great organization to be a part of on campus. We love life-affirming things. We love life, even in the hard times.”

The organization works to protect the life of humans from birth to death, putting on presentations and demonstrations promoting their pro-life beliefs. Their demonstrations include putting together the Cemetery of the Innocent and inviting pro-life public figures to come and speak at their events. In November of this year, pro-life speaker and member of Texas Students for Life, Rachel Bush will come and speak for them.

“We don’t just talk about abortion,” Miller said. “We talk about euthanasia. We talk about women’s healthcare. We talk about human rights, but also anything that violates it. We talk about a broad thing, like nursing home abuse. Anything that harms people. We even talked about the kids being separated at the border last year. We go broad.”

They also hold fundraisers to raise money to give scholarships for students who are pregnant or parenting and to donate money to the Heartbeat Pregnancy Hospital, a partner of the organization.

 “We’ll give straight-up money,” Faith Herbert, junior nursing major from Houston, said.  Recently, they have asked for baskets to give to women as they leave that they can put diapers, onesies [and] bottles in. That’s something that we are looking forward to doing for them this semester.”

LFL is trying to break the pro-life stereotype that they say the media typically focuses on. They are adamant about not being on campus to start a fight but to help start a healthy dialogue about reproductive rights. Tabling events are a prime way they introduce the dialogue that promotes awareness and knowledge of the pro-life movement.

 “Through tabling I’ve talked to a lot of students who don’t have an opinion on it or don’t know enough information to have an opinion on it,” said Miller. “So, that’s why we’re here, bringing our side and what we truly believe – not what you just see on Twitter or what you see on the media – just why we think what we think. We aren’t here to scream at you. We aren’t here to debate you. We are just here to start a conversation.”

By creating a dialogue, they hope to reach the students who may not have an opinion on abortion policies to help inform them of their pro-life beliefs. LFL all share a common passion for human rights and protection against infringement of those rights, working hard to share their passion with other students.

“I wanted to be a part of a community of people that have the same beliefs [and] morals in the dignity of life,” said Julia Thomas, sophomore environment science major from Lufkin. “I didn’t want to be alone. When I found out there was a pro-life club on campus, I messaged the Facebook page and was like ‘When’s your meeting?’ and I came.”

The Lumberjacks for Life organization will be handing out cupcakes in the Quad on Wednesday and will be holding their Cemetery of the Innocent with Rachel Bush on Nov. 12.

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