The new name for the Math Building is now the Roy E. and Linda Bush Mathematical Sciences Building. It was recognized during a naming ceremony at 1:30 p.m. on Friday, April 29 in the Math Building. 

 The namesakes were married. Roy E. Bush was an alumnus for SFA who graduated with a degree from the college of science and mathematics. After graduating, Bush worked in the oil and gas industry and served in different leadership roles in companies such as Conoco and worked overseas in Egypt and Italy. 

 Linda Bush had a degree in accounting from LSU and started her career in the gas and oil company as well. She later transitioned into a career in real estate and worked in Houston, Austin and New Orleans, Louisiana. 

 The couple had met with Executive Director of Development Trey Turner back in 2015 at an Alumni Association event held at SFA. 

 “During a visit at their home in Austin, they revealed to me their desire to create a scholarship for students pursuing degree in mathematics,” Turner said. “After touring them around campus, introducing them to members of the university’s administration and showcasing the transformative experiences SFA offers students, their fondness for SFA grew, and they decided to create an endowment that would positively impact countless future Lumberjacks.” 

 Mr. Bush passed away on August 13, 2018 after living with Alzheimer’s. Mrs. Bush wanted to honor his name and talked with Dean of the College of Sciences & Mathematics, Dr. Kimberly Childs, about doing so. 

 “We talked a lot about different things that were going on within the college,” Childs said. “What we settled on is she really wanted a broad stroke impact in honor of her husband. And so, we finally settled in on naming the building… that way it covers the areas in which he was interested in.”

 Even in his condition, Mr. Bush wanted to make sure the campus would be able to help students well into the future. 

 “Working with Roy and Linda in the formation of their gift was a wonderful experience,” Turner said. “It is gratifying to work with generous people who have a passion for positively changing lives through education. It was also rewarding because it afforded me the chance to get to know Roy before his passing in 2018,” said Turner.

 After the naming ceremony, the building next to the Ralph W. Steen Library will no longer be just the Math Building.

 “We never had a name before,” said Chair and Professor of the Department of Mathematics and Statistics Dr. Lesa Beverly. “We’re just glad to have … a former student to come back and want to be a part of our community by naming a building.”

Junior at SFASU Current Opinions Editor for the Pine Log

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