Dr. Adam Peck asks for Emergency Aid Fund donations to celebrate birthday

In a recent tweet, Dean of Student Affairs Dr. Adam Peck asked his followers to support the SFA Emergency Aid Fund by donating as a way to celebrate his birthday on Sunday.

The tweet stated he could think of no better cause than his “beloved SFA students.”

“For many years, I have asked for donations to the Children’s Miracle Network as part of our SFA Dance Marathon Program,” Peck said. “I still intend to personally donate to that project. But with this year being so hard on our students, I really feel like we need to support the Student Emergency Fund. While people have already been very generous since we started this fund in November of last year, so far, the need still outweighs the funds. I suspect that many of our students are going to be strongly impacted by the current crisis. We could really use the funds to help them.”

As Dean of Student Affairs, Peck said he is often aware of students in difficult situations and the emergency fund lets him help.

“This fund has helped me meet all kinds of needs," Peck said. "It has honestly been so gratifying to be able to help more people. That’s why this makes such a great birthday gift."

The donation website is open year-round, and people can make donations here at any time.

“I am really hard to buy for," Peck said. "My family loves to give me bowties, which of course I love. But honestly, I don’t need any more bowties. I really just want to see our students get the help they need. That would truly be the best gift I could imagine."

Donations as part of Peck’s birthday wish have already been made, with some donors leaving messages.

Donors Brett and Carrie said, “This is a gift in the name of Dr. Adam Peck. He is a true gift to our students and is like no other. I would not have chosen SFA as my new home if it weren’t for him.”

“For Dr. Peck,” Aimee Pecina said in her message.

Peck said the crowd funding site is like GoFundMe, except there are no administrative costs, and all of the money goes directly to the fund.

He also said some of the responses to his tweet have blown him away.

“Well for one thing, I’ve gotten a lot of early birthday wishes, so that’s been nice," Peck said. "But there have been several hundred dollars given since I posted this yesterday. To be honest, I really intended this message for my friends and family. I couldn’t believe that people have responded this way.”

Meredith Janning has worked on The Pine Log since her second semester at Stephen F. Austin. During her time at The Pine Log, Meredith has held the positions of staff writer and news editor.

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