Looking forward to next year's study abroad trip to London? Well, applications to sign up will be on the International Programs website sometime this fall semester. To sign up early and secure a spot, students can send in their information (name, major, requested courses) to the Study Abroad Office.

 Once students fill out the application, payments begin Dec. 6. The first 30 qualified students who applied and paid their deposits by Dec. 6, will be eligible for scholarships of up to $900 towards program fees.

Students studying abroad next year for Summer I will lie in Harrow Hall at Westminster University. The hall is right next to Northwick Park Station, so Central London is only 20 minutes away.  The accommodations are divided into self-contained areas with each one having six bedrooms and a well-equipped kitchen area. The bedrooms have private shower facilities which are clean and modern.

In order to participate in this program, students must enroll in two courses (6 credit hours). Students can register for ART 281/282, HIS134/HIS414 or PHI223/490. SFA professors will teach the courses which will consist of class fields trips and lectures.

This 4-week program cost about $5,250 and that includes health insurance, international airfare, airport transfers in London, accommodations, welcome and departure dinners, local transportation for field trips and a pass for the London Tube. Expenses not included are tuition and fees, a $50 application fee, passport fee ($135 for those without one), meals, personal expenses and transportation to/from Houston airport.

Scholarships are available. To be eligible, students have to be an SFA student enrolled in at least one semester during the 12-month period prior to the commencement of the study abroad program and have an overall GPA of 2.5. 

The purpose of studying abroad is “to provide a well-rounded experience of international travel which is a way to understand our role as individuals within a global society,” History professer Dr. Perky Beisel, said. “Study abroad is a way to reexamine what values one holds and understand how others view Americans and the policies of the United States.”

If interested, contact the Office of International Programs at (936)-468-6631 or www.sfasu.edu/oip.com. Also additional contact information: Dr. Jill Carrington, Art History Professor (jcarrington@sfasu.edu), Dr. Perky Beisel, History Professor (pbeisel@sfasu.edu) and Dr. Owen Smith, Philosophy Professor (omsmith@sfasu.edu). 

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