During the SFA football bye week, freshman safety LaCoryien Washington returned home this weekend and became a victim of a drive-by shooting while at a party with his younger brothers in Mansfield on Saturday.

            Coach Colby Carthel talked about the incident at the weekly press conference on Monday. He said Washington was shot in the forehead, but the injury was not fatal. Washington still has function of all four limbs and all his senses. He had a procedure Monday morning and will undergo another surgery Tuesday at 7:30 a.m. at John Peter Smith Hospital in Fort Worth. Carthel said they will repair the skull fracture try to retrieve the bullet.

            “If not, they may end up leaving [the bullet] because it’s inside his skull,” Carthel said jokingly. “That stuff is way over my level of education so I’m going to leave it to the doctors to make the decisions there.”

            Washington was recruited to the team in February as one of the teams’ highest recruited players but faced an injury during the summer which has kept him from playing so far this season. Carthel said he was getting back into shape and they were planning to play him in the last four games of the season.

            “It was a lot better of a situation that I thought I was going to walk into when you hear one of your players got shot in the forehead,” Carthel said.

            Carthel visited Washington and said when there were over 100 people in the ICU waiting room. He said it was great to see the support being received from his coaches, friends and family as well as everyone wishing him well on social media.

            A twitter account from rival school Sam Houston State University called @Katfans.com quoted Carthel’s tweet about Washington saying, “#BearkatNation Is with you @CoachCarthel @rivey35 and @SFASU.”

“Pray for LaCoryien, his mom, dad and their family and those that are seeing after him,” Carthel said. “He’s a tough kid and he has a good outlook on it.”

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