TKE to hosts its 10th Miss Greek beauty pageant

Pictured above is Margaret Flanagan, sophomore mass communication major with an emphasis in radio/tv from The Woodlands, Texas, and members of TKE. Flanagan is a member of Chi Omega and was the winner of last year’s Miss Greek beauty pageant. 

Tau Kappa Epsilon Fraternity is hosting the 10th annual Miss Greek beauty pageant at 6 p.m. on March 5, in the Grand Ballroom to raise money for St. Jude’s Research Hospital.

According to the Miss Greek website, Tau Kappa Epsilon hosts a beauty pageant each spring to raise money for a good cause.

“The Miss Greek pageant is a beauty pageant between the sororities on campus... all benefits go to St. Jude,” said Dillon Hendricks, Tau Kappa Fraternity president. “[The pageant] consists of three parts, the stitches wear, which takes the place of the casual [wear], a talent portion as well as a formal portion.”

The idea of a hosting a beauty pageant came from within the fraternity, with a group of girls called Pearls.

“Some of [the Pearls] were in things like [a pageant], and they gave us the idea, so it kind of came from them,” Hendricks said. “They gave us the idea to host a beauty pageant, so we started Miss Greek to get better relations overall with the Greek community.”

There are many things that are involved in making Miss Greek a reality. The fraternity must gather prizes, sponsorships and set up the stage for the acts.

“[TKE] goes from door to door to all the different organizations here at SFA, whether it be Student Government or SAA who will get our name out there to businesses in town. Posados, last year, donated $800 and a banner; Wing Stop [donated] $600,” Hendricks said. “Getting set up... [involves] renting out the ballroom, setting it up, [TKE] has to get all the lights right. Everyone has their own talents, if they want to sing or dance, what [song] they want to [perform] to, mixes they give us, we have to make them all.”

Along with setting up, TKE must attend sorority meetings to announce the pageant and get contestants, according to Hendricks.

In charge of overseeing the set-up of Miss Greek is a group of fraternity members.

“It’s usually a small committee within the fraternity, which consists of the president, vice president, philanthropy chair and an older member,” Hendricks said.

In order to be unbiased to one sorority, Miss Greek judges are non- Greek members.

“The judges will be comprised of St. Jude representative Heather Hawkins  and Saville Harris,” according to the Miss Greek website. “They will be judging on predetermined criteria.”

Miss Greek started in 2008 to support the organization, MADD, Mothers Against Drunk Driving. 

"[The pageant] was for that [organization] because we had three brothers killed in a car accident,” Hendricks said. “Recently though, we had a falling out with the organization MADD overall... so we switched over to St. Jude's."

According to the SFA TKE website, St. Jude is the Tau Kappa Epsilon national philanthropy after Danny Thomas, a fraternity member, founded St. Jude’s Research Hospital. 

The cost to view the pageant is $5 and $3 for Greek members according to the Miss Greek website. Contestant participation forms and fees are due on Feb. 15 on the website,

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