Formerly called the Lumberyard, Icon Nac is a club on North Street that hosts events on weekends. During the beginning of the semester, it was revealed that Lumberyard was being renamed and that the club was under new ownership.            

Patrons of the club were keen to point out the changes on the club’s opening night on Sept. 21.

Senior Larrian Menifee, a music education major from Galveston, said the only new things about Icon that he noticed were LED lights from Amazon, a DJ booth, and painted restrooms. 

Other students were satisfied with the changes and welcomed the new editions to the club. Sophomore Gabby Graham, a nursing major from Jacksonville, Texas, claimed that the changes with the DJ booth and lighting boosted the atmosphere and increased accessibility.

“I had no intentions of imagining a drastic change,” Graham said. “Who are we kidding? It’s Nacogdoches, not [Austin, Texas.]”

While there were mixed opinions on the changes made inside the club, the line outside the club has also created several problems.

According to Menifee, the line went from the door of Icon and past Frogs. He waited an hour to get into Icon. Menifee also said that the people from Icon running the line were yelling and cussing at the students waiting in line. It was also reported that the Icon employees working the line were shining bright flashlights in patron’s faces. 

 “It wasn’t even a line. It was just a cluster of people trying to cut in line,” Tommye Wrinkle, a senior Early Education major from Joshua, said. 

Jordan Dawson, a senior psychology major from Mineola, went to Icon on the second week of the club’s operation. She reports that she was overcharged to get into the club. 

“The special to get in that night was $10 to get in without an SFA student ID, and $5 to get in with [an SFA ID,]” Dawson said, after being charged the wrong amount and not being informed on the special beforehand. “The door girl taking money did not tell us how much it was to get in.” 

According to Dawson, when she asked for her money back, she was told to come back at the end of the night to talk to the manager about the problem. Dawson noticed she was holding up the line and decided to go into the club without taking any further action.

Many club goers said they were left unsatisfied with the overall experience Icon Nac had to offer. Menifee only stayed for about 20 minutes and, “dipped like an ice cream cone.” He rated his experience a four out of ten.  He said he would “only go back for a special occasion.” Menifee also added that changes to the line control and the DJ would make his experience a better one.

Wrinkle also rated her experience a four out of ten, citing line issues to be the reason for her low rating. Wrinkle said changes in their line system would be the only way she would go back. 

On Saturday, Icon Nac was met with additional controversy when holding, “The Lingerie Ball,” which consisted of female club attendees dressing up in lingerie and being judged on the best outfit. The grand prize was a two person, all expenses paid trip to Las Vegas. 

 “I find this disgusting,” An anonymous student said, voicing her concerns on Twitter. 

“I’m taking it as it is and assuming Icon Nac is asking guest to show up in actual lingerie to pit guest’s bodies and sex appeal against each other.” 

When asked how the attendance was the event compared to last weekend Dawson said, “It was very empty.” She added that the club was only at about 20 percent capacity. 

Jaci Lunsford, a freshman nursing major from Nacogdoches, also said that only about 13 people participated in the contest.

When asking the student body if anyone had a good time at Icon Nac, the Icon Nac Twitter account responded with a short video of guests drinking various alcoholic beverages and this Kanye West quote: “If they hate them, let ‘em hate and watch the money pileup.”

When responding to a student who enjoyed his time at the club, Icon Nac responded saying that they have worked out the issues with the first night and encouraged the student to come back for “The Lingerie Ball.”

The owner and managers of Icon Nac failed to provide comment.

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