Workers in the Outdoor Pursuits department are preparing for the 6th annual Moonlight Sweetheart Paddle on Feb. 14 at Lake Nacogdoches.

The Moonlight Sweetheart Paddle is an evening under the stars, kayaking and enjoying snacks on Valentine’s Day with a friend or significant other.

“The Moonlight Sweetheart Paddle is an opportunity for students to break away from a traditional Valentine’s Day experience,” said Anna Niemeyer, Outdoor Pursuits graduate assistant. “For $30 per couple, Outdoor Pursuits takes care of everything.”

Couples will meet Outdoor Pursuits trip leaders in the Outdoor Pursuits office at 6:30 p.m. to travel out to Lake Nacogdoches and begin their evening.

According to the Outdoor Pursuits website, the trip will last from 6:30-10 p.m. The $30 fee includes transportation, equipment (boats, paddles, and life jackets), snacks and will be chaperoned by three Outdoor Pursuits trip leaders.

“The event began because we wanted to give students the opportunity to have a unique experience,” Niemeyer said. “Valentine’s Day is usually characterized by dinner out and candy, which is something that can be done any night of the week. Here is an opportunity to break away from the norm.”

The trip will include experienced leaders who will teach students how to use the equipment and continue assisting them throughout the trip, so those unfamiliar with the equipment or the activity will have nothing to worry about and be able to enjoy themselves.

 “It sounds like a great way to spend my Valentine’s Day,” said Kelly Mendez, a political science major from Bryan. “I always see the trips that are put together by Outdoor Pursuits, but this one seems to be the most creative. It definitely beats dinner and a movie.”

The deadline for couples to sign-up and pay the $30 is Feb. 7. There is a total of 14 (seven couples) spots for the trip and there is currently room for five more couples. Anyone can register, but it is preferred that students register in pairs.


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