Latinx Caucus created to bring Latinx community together

From left: Ana Aguirre-Garcia, organization and student outreach coordinator, Judy Torres, organization and student outreach coordinator, Miranda Raumaker De La Garza, political outreach coordinator, Armando Gonzales, associate director, Andrea Flores, executive director, Fanny Luna, community outreach coordinator and Flor Rosique, community outreach coordinator.

The Latinx Caucus is a new group on campus that advocates for the Latinx community at SFA, as well as in the Nacogdoches community. The group started last April. But, this semester the leadership board was officially named.

“We’re supposed to be a uniting force for the Latinx SFA community and the Nacogdoches community,” executive director of the Latinx Caucus, Andrea Flores, a junior social work major from Mission, said. “Because we see that there’s a lot of separation of the Latinx community within SFA and within Nacogdoches, so we just want to bring everybody together. That’s our main purpose.”

Earlier in October, the caucus hosted its first open Town Hall meeting but plans to host more events in the future.

“This semester, we’ve planned a social and a fundraiser that we have coming up in the next month, so both of those are Latinx-centered events that will promote different cultures within the Latinx community,” Flores said. “And for the social, basically, we’re trying to create several socials throughout the semester. But, this social serves the purpose of uniting all the Latinx students on campus because we’re also kind of separated amongst ourselves.”

Organization Student Outreach Coordinator Judy Torres, a junior political science major from Fort Worth, said the town hall meetings help the leadership board give information to students, but also receive information back.

“The way that I see it is just kind of a big conversation in front between different people to try to get more information on how we want to move forward,” Torres said.

According to Torres, the caucus offers Latinx students a place of organization and unity.

“In our Hispanic culture, we value family and familial bonds over everything, and I think this is a way to bring something like that onto campus,” Torres said.

Organization and Student Outreach Coordinator Ana Aguirre- Garcia, a junior international and intercultural communication major from Nacogdoches, aims to use the group to welcome students to campus.

“I’m looking forward to helping other students feel welcome on the SFA campus, especially the Latinx community, but not only reserved to the Latinx community,” Aguirre- Garcia said. “We like to be open, hearing other issues from other students, but I’m excited to help out.”

According to Aguirre-Garcia, the caucus will benefit students across campus by giving them a voice to make change, focusing not on one specific topic, but whatever people want to say.

“I definitely feel like it will make SFA students feel more welcome and feel like they have a voice,” Aguirre- Garcia said. “Because, sometimes we feel as though being in these organizations we may have a voice, but it’s not as outspoken. So, I definitely feel like it will help us reach out to actually getting things done. To me, [the caucus] means that we have a foundation. Somebody that’s overhead of everything and bringing all the Latinx community organizations together, not only like one specific to a certain thing because there’s different ones, like specifically about culture, specifically about politics. I feel like this brings it all together.”

For community outreach, Executive Director Flores said the caucus will promote Latinx-owned businesses and create communication between those businesses and SFA.

“I love seeing my people thrive, especially thrive together,” Flores said. “I think that’s maybe the part that makes me the happiest about being part of this caucus, that we have the opportunity to actually make something like that happen. Because, individually, we all have our aspirations. As organizations, we also have our goals. I think we’re going to be serving as something higher that we’ll just make sure that we’re doing all the things that we want to, but we’re doing them as a team.”

Meredith Janning has worked on The Pine Log since her second semester at Stephen F. Austin. During her time at The Pine Log, Meredith has held the positions of staff writer and news editor.

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