DISCLAIMER: What you are about to read are some common conspiracy theories surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic. The Pine Log does not endorse any of these theories as true. This article is for entertainment purposes because conspiracy theories can be fun topics to discuss. This also does not discredit the effects the virus has had in the lives of many. This is just to make people laugh and think a little. Because in quarantine, that is one of the best ways to pass the time. So, strap on your tin foil hat, and enjoy the content for entertainment while in quarantine. Thank you.

What was once just a “mild” disease no one should worry about, expanded into a pandemic. News outlets and media are updating the public constantly on the new numbers and statistics regarding the infection rate of the Coronavirus. This virus has become a very serious problem that everyone has to overcome. However, while this is a very real situation that does not need to be taken lightly, there have also been some interesting conspiracy theories regarding COVID-19.

  • Election Theory: ​Let’s look back to the past election years. Scary, I know, but bear with me. Think of what they had in common. They all had a republican and democratic candidate. They all resulted in a vote and, eventually, a president. But, look a little further. According to the World Health Organization, in 2004, there was another disease pandemic: SARS. There was the start of the Avian flu in 2008, MERS in 2012 and Zika in 2016. These years all match up with election years. Along with these, there are even some outbreaks aligning with midterm elections, like the Swine flu and Ebola. All of these are very serious outbreaks that deserve very serious coverage, which many news outlets provide. However, during these pandemics, there is an election going on. Are these outbreaks just a ploy to keep reporters away from Washington during these crucial elections? There is no proof. But, take this election year as an example. Donald Trump has been one of the most polarizing presidents in the American history. However, something both sides could agree upon, is the immense positive impact he had made in the economy. Therefore, what he has done for the economics of America has really been what’s keeping him afloat for another presidential run. However, what has the Coronavirus hit very hard? The economy has taken a heavy blow, with the loss of over 700,000 jobs, according to USA Today. With the economy taking a hit, so has President Donald Trump in his future run for presidency.
  • China Theory: ​The origination of this disease begins to China, one of the most powerful countries in the world. Also, relations between China and the United States are not to be desired by many. In the past few years, the relationships with the countries of Asia have gotten increasingly worse. Especially, in that of North Korea, considering their broken promise to the nations of the world in the NPT, Non-proliferation Treaty, agreement. In the Korean War of the 1950s, China and North Korea have worked side by side in war against the United States, who was then and still is considered the most powerful country of the world. Now, the United States owes China 23.4 trillion dollars, according to TheBalance.com. With immense debt and the amount of time it has been owed, China must realize that they have America in a very tough place. Along with the threat of China to the United States, considering the debt overhang, North Korean dictator, Kim Jong-un, stated that there would be a surprise in store for America with the coming of the new year. Could these countries be working together once again to take the place of the most powerful country on earth? Could North Korea be in collaboration with China, one the world’s superpowers, in effort to send America into turmoil? Could this outbreak be planned among the two East Asian countries? Either way, this pandemic has sent America into a much weaker state, making it seem much easier to any country to gain the upper hand.
  • False Start Date Theory: ​The first confirmed case in the United States was January 20, 2020. That is the timeline many people use and agree with. However, there are several claims among the people of the United States that their loved ones, or themselves, had suffered from the Coronavirus before any news outlet admitted the spread of the virus as a potential outbreak. Was the first person infected in the US really the first person? YouTube sensation and makeup connoisseur, James Charles, even took to Twitter, claiming he had and beat the Coronavirus stating, “Remember at New Year’s when I was literally sick for a month and a half straight? I’ve never been sick for that long. All of the symptoms I was dealing with match those of COVID-19. I’m convinced that I already had Coronavirus and beat it...” Granted, this source is not the most credible, considering the background. But even I recall my grandma getting very sick in late December with symptoms very similar to the virus, and her recovery took at least a month or so. Also, while many know the first published case reported was from Wuhan, China on December 31, 2019, the South China Morning Post reported that the earliest case was November 17, 2019, according to the Guardian. With the November timeline, the sickness people felt within the United States that was just considered “a new strand of the flu” could’ve been something much more.

This could all be coincidence. After all, there is no certain proof to make these theories fact. However, thinking of how everything falls into place leads to a very interesting train of thought or discussion. I implore you to let your mind wander during this quarantine. I’ve been doing it and I promise I haven’t gone too crazy. Some things are just fun to think about and entertain. With that being said, stay safe, stay healthy and stay curious.

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