Nacogdoches County Commissioners unanimously passed a vote at the start of the semester to make SFA an early voting location for the Fall 2020 election season. 

Early voting will take place on the third floor of the Baker Pattillo Student Center in the Commons Room starting Oct. 13 and will last until Oct. 30. This location will be open on weekdays from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.  

Bre’Anna Locke, student body vice president of the Student Government Association and an accounting graduate student from Dallas, encourages students to take this opportunity to let their voices be heard. 

“I say go out and vote because I feel that everyone should have their voice heard,” Locke said. “Everyone needs to have an opinion, and this is our chance to put the people we want in office. This is our chance to make a change.” 

She believes having an early voting poll on campus makes it easier for students to vote because not everyone is given the same resources. 

“Some of these students are young, [and] some don’t have cars,” Locke said. “I think it’s very necessary for us to have a voting station on campus.” 

Josh Reid, president of College Republicans and a senior criminal justice major from San Antonio, also strongly encourages students to go out to vote early. 

“I think having a polling place here on campus will do wonders for turnout,” Reid said. “If you’re going to vote, vote early and take advantage of the campus location.” 

Reid also encourages students to do research on the candidates running for election to learn about their platform. 

“If you are a republican, there is the Republican Party of Texas and the Republican headquarters in Nacogdoches where you can find out who is a republican and what they stand for,” Reid said. “[You can also] just go by the party offices or online.” 

Similar resources also exist for the Democratic Party, as well. 

Hailee Mouch, a member of Texas Rising and a freshman political science major from Crandall, is deputized and was helping residents in her hall register to vote in Nacogdoches.  

“I believe that getting the opportunity to vote for different positions within our government is extremely important in any election, especially the current one,” Mouch said. “Having the accessibility to vote on campus means more students will get to engage in politics that will likely affect them.”  

“As freshmen, we don’t exactly know where everything is in Nacogdoches, and having the chance to vote on campus gives us the opportunity to participate without getting stressed about finding our assigned voting location,” Mouch said.

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