The Geologic Association of Students will clean up Lake Nacogdoches at 11 a.m. on March 20 and welcomes other students who would like to join. 

President Emmie Schubert, junior geology major from Tomball, said the Lake Nacogdoches cleanup will most likely turn into a regular event for the club. 

We wanted to do this because, as a geology club, we feel like it’s our responsibility to make sure the environment is clean,” Schubert said. We use it daily for our studies, so this is a nice way to give back.” 

Many geology major students, she said, go to the lake to study rocks or to kayak, so she would like to keep the natural environment clean. 

Vice President Hiba Kunwer, senior geology major from Karachi, Pakistanagreed with Schubert. 

As someone who chose to come to SFA partly because of the beautiful campus and nature trails in Nacogdoches, I think it's unfair to reap the benefits of the beauty and not take care of it,” Kunwer said. 

Nature has been one of the only safe places for COVID-19 social distancingshe said, and it’s only right to look after it. 

Jacqui Murguia, sophomore environmental science major from Dallas, is also a member of the club and will be one of the volunteers at the cleanup. 

“I feel like I am doing something to repair the wellness of the lake’s environment and appearance,” Murguia said. “I go to the lake often with my friends and see a lot of trash. It makes me upset that people don’t bother cleaning up their mess and [do] not think of the impact it has on the environment.”  

Murguia said he hopes more organizations take initiative to clean up the lake regularly. 

Kunwer said Nacogdoches is the “home away from home” for students, and she believes students should take the opportunity on March 20 to do community service at a beautiful location.

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