Former President Dr. Scott Gordon’s employment at the University has ended with mutual agreement from both parties April 10, according to a campus-wide email.  

The email stated it has been determined that the ending of this employment relationship was in the best interest of both parties.  

This decision follows this past fall’s Faculty Senate vote of no-confidence in Gordon due to the “climate of fear” fostered on campus and his acceptance, and eventual roll back, of an $85,000 raise proposed by the Board of Regents in the height of the University’s budget crisis.  

There is no statement from the Faculty Senate at this time, according to Faculty Senate Chair Brian Uriegas.  

“The Board of Regents wishes to thank Dr. Gordon for his services and to acknowledge the accomplishments of his administration,” Karen Gantt, Board of Regents chair, said in the meeting on April 10. Gordon was not present in this meeting. 

Graham Garner, chief marketing officer, said there will be no more official comments regarding the ending of the employment relationship.  

The Board of Regents appointed Dr. Steve Westbrook as interim president until another president is appointed. Westbrook served as the SFA vice president of university affairs from 2007 to 2020 and as the interim president following the passing of former President Baker Pattillo.  

Westbrook attended the Board of Regents meeting April 11 as interim president.

“About three and a half years ago, we went through a sudden change when we lost Dr. Pattillo,” Westbrook said in the meeting. “We linked arms at that time and over the next 10 months, we handled that sudden change very well. I see no reason why we won’t be able to do the exact same thing with this sudden change.” 

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