Rec restarts rewards program, encourages routine while offering prizes

After a semester of success, the SFA Student Recreation Center reintroduced the Fist Bump Challenge where students can earn prizes, establish consistent routines and create a life of wellness. 

                  The challenge itself is simple: Receive a card from the front desk, have the card hole punched every visit, and after 20 visits, a student is eligible to receive a free prize. These prizes may include sunglasses, pens, lanyards, t-shirts, stress balls, balance bands and even portable chargers. 

                  There is no limit to how many times a student can get their card punched. Whether a student attends the Recreation Center a few times a week, once a day or three times a day, all visits are eligible for a hole punch. However, the Fist Bump Challenge expires October 20, 2019.

                  The first 300 students to complete this challenge will win a prize. One student has already completed the Fist Bump Challenge and won the first prize of the semester.

                  Janil Pyle, junior digital media major and front desk worker at the rec center, said that each prize is personalized with the SFA Rec Center logo.

                  “Everything has the campus rec logo on it just so people can be rewarded for coming here and working out…just motivation really,” Pyle said.

                  Ben Telesca, facilities and member services assistant director stated that he hoped the punch cards would promote more than just getting students involved.

                  “[The overall goal is to] develop a habit of wellness,” Telesca said. 

                  The feeling of consistency with student involvement and wellness is ultimately what the student recreation center strives to achieve with the Fist Bump Challenge.

                  The rec center does this challenge at the beginning of the semester to get freshman oriented with campus rec and all the activities.

                  While some students are not interested in the challenge due to already being active members of the rec center, many new students have been motivated to participate in this challenge.

                  The challenge was first introduced in Spring 2019 and there has already been two times the number of students involved this semester than last semester.

                  “A lot more people are interested in this semester than they were last semester,” Pyle said.

                  While the punch cards are a way for the rec center to give back to students and allow them to create consistency, there is more within the rec center to be explored.

“It’s good for us to be doing this because it will get people coming back to campus rec more often. Then, once they’re here, they get to learn about the different departments we have,” Pyle said. 

                  Pyle went on to explain the different organizations and special events within the different departments. Students can get involved once they have established consistency within the Recreation Center.

                  “Within those departments, we have intramurals and special events like Day at the Lake… we also have rock wall climbing,” Pyle said.

                  Pyle lastly stated that while these are all events that happen within the Rec Center throughout the semester, the punch cards can potentially be the foot in the door for many students to be involved.

                  “The punch cards are really just to get students engaged in campus rec. Once they’re here, they get to learn about a bunch of different things that we offer,” Pyle said.

My name is Jocelyn Bradford and I am a junior at SFASU. I am an English secondary education major, but I have always had a passion for writing. I currently work full time as a service manager for Chipotle and I am also a writing tutor at the AARC.

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