The Center for Career and Professional Development and Human Resources have partnered up to offer guidance to departments to expand or create on-campus internship programs for their students.

CCPD will share its experiences with other departments who are seeking to develop their own programs. Human Resources is available to assist with creating job descriptions and posting the positions online for students to apply.

Together, they created the On-Campus Internship Insider and hosted Zoom office hours last week so people could ask questions.

“Research tells us that employers want to see internships on students' resumes,” Jamie Bouldin, director of CCPD, said. “These opportunities provide students with experiences often directly related to their major and field of interest and can offer students the chance to gain transferable skills such as teamwork, communication and more. While some students can seek internships in other cities, on-campus opportunities can be flexible and convenient for students.”

The CCPD began its internship program in January 2020. CCPD had three interns in the spring semester, one this summer and currently has four fall semester interns. These interns work in either assessment and reporting, marketing and special events or employer relations.

The original Internship Insider was designed for off-campus employers and was developed by CCPD, the Rusche College of Business, Nacogdoches Economic Development Corporation and the Nacogdoches County Chamber of Commerce.

 The Insider was updated and modified to focus specifically on on-campus departments and to provide resources and guidance to on-campus departments and offices who are considering creating internships for SFA students.

“There are many opportunities and avenues for completing an internship,” Bouldin said. “Students are encouraged to reach out to the CCPD to utilize our services to assist in preparing for seeking and applying for internships.”


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