Nacogdoches offers plenty of entertainment around town

Being a freshman in college can be overwhelming, and it is debatable to what facet of this year is the most difficult. Moving to a new city and environment can be a large change for students.

There are some students on campus who hold the proud title of “Nac Rat,” a resident of Nacogdoches (Nac), but for the rest of us, moving to Nac is quite an adjustment. SFA students moving from urban areas such as Dallas/Ft. Worth, Houston and Austin tend to have the hardest time adjusting to life in a small town. What activities outside of campus does Nac have to offer?

For the active students, Nac and SFA offer beautiful walking/running trails. Lanana Creek Trail, just south of Main Street, is approximately 3.5 miles long. According to, “Lanana Creek trail and the SFA Arboretum, located at the south end of campus, are the result of a cadre of volunteers and enthusiasts that want to make Nacogdoches a better place to live.”

Another opportunity active students may not be aware of is the Outdoor Pursuits department located in the Campus’ Recreation Center, which offers a wide range of outdoor gear for rental. Students can rent paddleboards, kayaks, and tents to enjoy a weekend on Lake Nacogdoches with friends. For students who enjoy a relaxing game of golf, the local public course, Woodland Hills, offers an SFA student rate. Students can golf for $28 with a cart or walk for $17 from Monday through Thursday. During the weekends, the prices go up by around $2.

Not every resident of Nac prefers the outdoors, however. Java Jacks, for example, is a huge hit with SFA students. The environment is relaxed, and the variety of specialty drinks offered will please any coffee connoisseur.

Students can also choose to spend an evening at the Carmike 6 Cinema or Texas Pro Bowl, both of which are located in the Northview Plaza Shopping Center on North Street.

For local eateries, students can check out Old Towne General Store, a small café located in downtown Nacogdoches. They are known for their incredible deli-style sandwiches. Flashback Café on Wettermark arguably has some of best wings and pizza in the city.

Looking for a night out on the town? Sports Shack, The Anex and Bullfrogs are local bars/nightclubs, although a patron must be 18 or older to enter. Most events at these popular hangouts are on Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights.

Students who want to break in their boots can check out Banita Creek Hall, where they can practice some Texas two-stepping or enjoy a country music concert.

Suggested activities for budget conscious students include visiting Pecan Acres Park which is adjacent to the SFA soccer fields, volunteering at the Nacogdoches Animal Shelter or simply grabbing a camera and friends to take vintage photos in the historic downtown area.

Make sure to check for a discounted student rate at all local restaurants and vendors. Many local businesses in Nac are friendly toward SFA students.

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