Omicron Delta Kappa will host its fifth annual leadership conference Saturday and will feature the founder of The Harry Potter Alliance.

The conference theme is “Discover Your Superpower.” The event will begin at 9 a.m., Saturday in the Twilight Ballroom in the Baker Pattillo Student Center.

The conference will showcase different leadership styles to get students involved in developing their own style as well as to help them grow as leaders, according to ODK president Kayli Smothermon.

“This year, we are doing it a little differently,” Smothermon said. “We have different breakout sessions tailored to the different categories of leaders we see on campus so students can get a deeper understanding of their leadership level.”

Andrew Slack, founder of the national organization The Harry Potter Alliance, will serve as the keynote speaker. 

Slack uses his love of the Harry Potter fandom to promote that fantasy is no longer an escape from our world but an invitation to change it for the better, According to

Students can register for the event through ODK’s AXES page. Students will receive an email with a registration number and directions to take a leadership assessment. 

Participants should allot 35 to 45 minutes to complete the assessment. It consists of about 100 questions, each of which has a 20-second time limit. The questions are simple, but provide an in-depth look at each individual’s unique personality and leadership style.  

“We want to help our students grow as leaders so they can carry this with them when they graduate college and go out to the real world and take these skills to become better leaders in the world,” Smothermon said. 

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