The SFA Alumni Association scholarship deadline is fast approaching for those interested in earning extra cash for their school fund. Applications are due by 11:59 p.m. Saturday, Feb. 1.

Although the association receives between 2,500 to 3,500 applications, only 516 scholarships are available for students each new semester.

Requirements vary from scholarship to scholarship. Depending on the donor’s “must meet criteria.” While some scholarships require a specific GPA, others qualify students based on their major/department of the applicant, such as accounting, nursing and forestry.

One of the many popular, larger scholarship accounts is the Homer Bryce Scholarship, which requires applicants to be residents of Rusk or Shelby counties.

As the association grows in membership numbers, so does the pool of scholarship donors.

“It helps them realize that people on the outside care about their education,” said Amie Morton, SFA Alumni Association scholarship coordinator.

There have been six new scholarships added since 2013, and more in the finalizing process for upcoming semesters.

Morton encourages students to become active in their application process.

“Fill out the application with as much detail as you can, and do it as soon as you can; don’t wait until the last minute,” Morton said.

“By being more thorough and filling things out, you are going to be more apt to get more things, so leaving things blank can cause you to be ineligible for a scholarship.”

Earning a scholarship can be more than free school money for students; it can also boost an individual resume and reduce future loan debt.

Either the department or the alumni foundation board makes the decisions regarding scholarships.

Applications can be found on the MySFA account on the “myServices” page and by clicking on “Apply for SFA Scholarships” on the left. 


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