The Pine Log, SFA’s student-produced newspaper, is currently accepting applications for positions on the spring 2014 staff. These include editors, contributing writers, staff writers, photographers and specialized editing and advertising positions.

Applications for editor-in-chief will be due Nov. 26, while applications for all other staff positions will be due Dec. 2.

The application process for a position at The Pine Log is not rigorous, Spence said. 

“We purposely make it easy for a student to apply. The interviews are professional but not grueling, they are pretty student friendly,” she said

The applications can be found in Room 2.308 of the Baker Pattillo Student Center or online at by clicking on the home tab.

The editor-in-chief will be selected prior to the rest of the staff and will be expected to interview all of the other applicants, who will be notified of their acceptance or denial before the end of the fall semester.

Kasi Dickerson, current editor-in-chief of The Pine Log, advises applicants to highlight any experience they have in the field. However, students without this experience shouldn’t feel as if they are at a disadvantage.

“Students with little experience can give good references, show that they’re interested, and let the people in charge know that they’re dependable,” Dickerson said. “They just need to be willing to learn. We’re all here to learn.”

Pat Spence, the director of student publications at SFA and adviser to The Pine Log for 27 years, encourages any student interested in working for the paper to apply.

“Everybody is good enough,” Spence said. “We want anyone to work for this publication who has a desire to. Anyone can do this if they’re willing to work at it, and if you’re lacking in skills, we will teach you those skills.”

Spence, who has spent her entire professional life in journalism, believes working for the paper is the best way for students to gain real world experience in every aspect of the field.

The self-supporting nature of the paper, uncommon at the collegiate level, is the driving force behind this experience. Advertising representatives at The Pine Log are expected to sell ad space to fund production, and journalists are allowed to function independently from any kind of funding-based restraints. This arrangement mirrors the experience that which students can expect to find at many of the newspapers they will work for after graduation.

“It’s healthy for the University to have a vigorous and independent student press,” Spence said. “It’s important for students to be able to produce a publication that will help them get a job after they graduate. I can’t imagine why anyone that wants to work in communication would not work for the student newspaper.”

In its 89 years, The Pine Log has helped many SFA alumni receive positions in the journalism and communications field.

“Over 27 years, I’ve seen a lot of success stories,” Spence said. “We’ve got people all over the country in all kinds of jobs. We have a wonderful network of alumni who are all very willing to help current students have the same kind of success.”

While SFA has many traditions, Spence says that at The Pine Log, there is really only one that staff members will be expected to uphold.

“We haven’t missed an issue in the 27 years that I’ve been here,” Spence said. “Our tradition is that we come out once a week, every week.”

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