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Bustling streets spotted with yellow taxi cabs and the electric vibes of Times Square replace the tall pine trees she normally sees outside her window. The past 32 hours are a blur of phone calls, photographs and plane rides, but one thing remains clear—she is about to appear live on Good Morning America.

In a whirlwind weekend, SFA junior Elizabeth Wisdom and her fiancé Denis Lafargue became an online sensation as they shared their “insta-love” story with the world. Yes, the couple met, flirted and shared their engagement on the photo sharing smart phone app Instagram.

Last week, a BuzzFeed article sharing how the couple’s relationship progressed over Instagram and sparked a viral spin-off. 

“I honestly didn’t know what BuzzFeed was until people posted about it,” Wisdom said. “BuzzFeed messaged Denis saying that they might put a story of us on it. I didn’t think it was a big deal.”

One after another, news sites including Yahoo! and Good Morning America began picking up the story. 

Lafargue and Wisdom caught the 6 a.m. flight for New York City this past Sunday to be interviewed live on Good Morning America.

“Being in New York to be on GMA was so unreal. I still don’t think it has fully sunk in that we were there,” Lafargue said. “The city is so unique, and the colors of fall were everywhere.”

Sightseeing was not an option for the couple as they immediately began filming with GMA Sunday afternoon. A camera crew took Lafargue and Wisdom to a park to record a backstory to accompany their live segment. Cute footage of the two ordering coffee and holding hands appeared on GMA while the couple sat with the four anchors. 

“It felt really surreal to be the ones people were interviewing,” Wisdom said. “When we got there we were in such a rush we didn’t even have time to realize we were in NYC.”

Lafargue and Wisdom received phone calls from GMA giving them directives on details like what time to be at the studio and where to go for hair and make up. 

By 6:45 a.m. Monday morning, the two were eating breakfast and drinking coffee with GMA’s anchors. 

“The people at GMA were very friendly and made us feel very comfortable with the fact that we were about to be on national television sharing our story,” Lafargue said. 

After the mic check and commercial break, Lafargue and Wisdom joined the anchors in front of the cameras. 

“It was really scary because I was like, ‘Oh my gosh, I’m going to freeze up and not know what to say.’ This is live. This is intense,” Wisdom said. “Denis did great. I was nervous for him, too. I didn’t want him to freeze up.”

In their four-and-a-half minute segment, the couple shared their insta-love story as their Instagram photos popped on the screen alongside Lafargue’s proposal video.

“The interview went by so fast, and I don’t think it could have gone any better,” Lafargue said.

While Instagram has played a major part in their relationship, both agree that God brought them together. In their GMA interview, Lafargue said there were a few pictures on Wisdom’s Instagram feed that really caught his attention. One photo of Wisdom’s tattoo which is of her grandfather’s favorite Bible verse, Micah 6:8, caught Lafargue’s eye. 

In his GMA interview, Lafargue said that “her being a Christian was very important to me.” 

The other photo was of Crater Lake. One could say Lafargue and Wisdom had an insta-connection. A double tap on his phone’s screen and a comment was all it took for Lafargue to spark a conversation with Wisdom. 

Lafargue told GMA, “My family had just done that same trip the summer before, and it sort of sparked our conversation.”

After GMA aired, waves of followers flooded Lafargue and Wisdom’s Instagram accounts. 

“We would know when the East Coast was watching it and when the West Coast was. We had a flood of people commenting on Instagram,” Wisdom said. “Then an hour later, people at home were calling saying, ‘We saw you on TV.’ It was super overwhelming.”

Their story has been featured in global publications including Mexico, France, Germany and Australia. 

“I was like, ‘Whoever thought that this would go viral?’ I never thought people all over the world would know about me,” Wisdom said.

Before heading back to Texas, the couple toured Central Park to finally relax after their busy weekend. 

“We felt like we needed to share our story on a national level while we could because they didn’t want it next week,” Wisdom said. “This weekend has been like a whirlwind full of lots of crazy emotions and awesome experiences that are really once in a lifetime.”

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